Jul 20 2011



A familiar voice to K-LOVE, Sean Dunn with Groundwire.net, joins us this morning. Groundwire offers you the opportunity to leverage the world's technology to connect thousands of un-churched young people with the Gospel of Jesus. Their mission is to reach outside of the church walls by placing thirty and sixty-second Christ-centered spots on aggressive and influential secular radio stations and TV networks, like MTV.

By partnering with them you can shine light in the midst of darkness, speak hope to the hopeless, and truth to those drowning in lies.

Jun 13 2011

Coach Tony Dungy - Fatherly Advice & Michael Vick's Second Chance

My family had the pleasure of meeting Coach Dungy

Super Bowl Winning Coach Tony Dungy - now with AllProDad.com - joined us to talk about advice his father shared with him and his mentoring of football player Michael Vick.

If you missed our chat, click the links below ...

Tony Dungy - Advice from his Dad

Tony Dungy - A Second Chance for Michael Vick

Jun 10 2011

Want To Be Kind? Get M.A.D!

How to get really M.A.D. to make a difference?

by Dwight Bain 


Are you facing an incredibly difficult time in your life right now? If so, know that you are not alone, even though it may feel like it. During the painful times of life it is easy to get mad at what is going on around you, and it is normal when you feel hurt to lash out in anger, literally to pass on the pain to others.

When we are hurting it is easy to hurt others, but it's also dangerous to be self-absorbed. An angry response spikes up the stress hormone cortisol in the body, which hurts our health in countless ways because of the stress response. Did you know that when you change your focus to do something positive, your brain releases endorphins to neutralize the stress, and bring healing and greater peace? Literally God designed our brains to make our body better when we get outside ourselves to help others. I was reading a devotional from "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers yesterday and saw this phrase. "Self-pity is satanic." Oswald went on to point out how important it is during the tough times to not get self-absorbed, but rather to let every difficult circumstance push you closer to Christ.


Can I share another approach with you about getting MAD, one that is not just normal, it is well ABOVE normal? If you take the letters m - a - d and let them represent the words Make - A - Difference it will give you an abnormal response... one that doesn't make sense, except for the fact that God's love is filling up your heart, so you can share it with others. I love how this concept is phrased by Mother Teresa, listen...


"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family."


Isn't that great! You don't have to look far to be a person who wants to Make - A - Difference in this world... you only have to look as far as your family, your co-workers, your neighbors. Everyone is carrying burdens of some kind, but when you reach out to help them carry that burden, you are literally becoming God's hands to take some of the pressure off. Recently I spoke with a friend who told me how he received a phone call 'out of the blue' from someone who was just calling to check on him to see if he was okay. It not only brought him comfort, it reminded him to look up and remember that God hadn't left him during a tough time. I believe that call was promoted by God, but carried out by one of his messengers who got M-A-D.


How about you? Are you willing to stop looking down at your own problems... to start looking up to find comfort from God... and them start looking around to share His comfort and love with others. Here is a list to get you started today, started on a new journey, one that is straight from heaven, one that will Make - A - Difference.

  1. Practice Acts of Random Kindness, (or A.R.K. for short)
  2. Pray through the day, instead of panic
  3. Reach out to the lost and lonely
  4. Encourage everyone you meet
  5. Read God's Word to gain a new heart for the world
  6. Call someone you know who is in a tough time to comfort them
  7. Use a journal to release your own pain, like David did in the Psalms
  8. Listen to positive music and media to keep your focus
  9. Let go of past mistakes, remember that yesterday ended last night.
  10. Find something to be grateful for, to count your blessings more than you count your problems


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About the author-
Dwight Bain is dedicated to helping people achieve greater results. He is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Certified Life Coach in practice since 1984 with a primary focus on solving crisis events and managing major change to make a positive difference in the world for Christ.



Jun 08 2011

Wow, God - Nathaniel's Hope "Make 'm Smile"

Children with special needs and their families are so inspiring!  My friends Tim and Marie have created a way for you and I to reach out with the love of Christ to families with "VIP" kids.  They have some incredible ideas and resources.  To find out more about Nathaniel's Hope, click on the picture below.  This week would have been Nathaniel's 14th birthday.  He relocated to heaven 9 years ago.  Please pray for the Kucks today, and for their ministry to flourish...  blessings, Lisa

Nathaniel Timothy Kuck, “A Treasured Gift of God,” was born on June 6, 1997 prematurely with multiple birth anomalies including Duodenal Artesia and Craniosynestosis. He was said to have an undiagnosed syndrome. Surgeries, therapies, sickness, and hospital visits all became a normal part of his life.

After proving himself to be “a miracle boy,” beating the odds time and again by overcoming many physical obstacles and challenges on November 13, 2001 at an early age of 4½ years old, Nathaniel relocated to 777 Heavenly Lane. His purpose has been fulfilled, and he has now returned back home to his Creator. At his new home, he is no longer physically restricted, bound by surgeries, feeding tubes or braces, and he is now free to run on the streets of gold. 

Nathaniel taught us that to each life there is value and purpose. What may appear to be imperfect in the eyes of humans, really is perfect in the sight of God. He taught us about the meaning of “unconditional love,” perseverance, and he was a great showcase of God’s faithfulness. His captivating smile and the simple joy he brought to all who entered his world were God’s special gift and that is greatly missed. 

His memory will always be cherished and his little handprints and lessons he taught us will be imprinted on our hearts forever. We miss “little man’s” smile and his presence in our home, but the memory of his life propels us to fulfill God’s purposes after his death. 

Through his death, we hope to bring encouragement and life to others.

Marie and Tim Kuck (Nathaniel's mom and dad)