May 14 2010

Chantel Hobbs - Faith, Food & Fitness

After struggling with her weight since she was a child, Chantel Hobbs finally reached her breaking point.  One night Chantel said she cried out to God in desparation - she says "I was done fighting, and I needed strength to fight this war."  That was almost 10 years and 200lbs ago! 

Since then Chantel has written two books ("Never Say Diet" and "The One Day Way"), been on Oprah and in People magazine sharing how God gave her strength to not only lose weight, but more importantly live a life God designed her to live.  That's the message Chantel is working to share with others, too!

If you missed our conversation, click on the links below ...

Part 1 - God gets the credit (she begins responding to her popularity)

Part 2 - How God "rocked her world" to better her health

Part 3 - God wants us to be "our best"

Part 4 - Get "moving" today

For more on Chantel, click on her picture ...


May 10 2010

What $5 Can do?

A few weeks ago my Pastor gave each person in chuch that day some cash (I got $5). The idea was to use it to make a difference in someone's life - to have maximum impact! So after much thought and prayer, my wife and I decided to give those funds to "The Mocha Club" - a ministry that helps those in need in Africa. The whole idea behind the Mocha Club is that you don't have to have a whole lot of money to make a difference - the cost of two mochas each month can help change a life in Africa today.

If you would like to join the Mocha Club team I created, click here.  It goes to benefit orphaned children in Africa.

Apr 27 2010

Joe Sangl - Teach Your Children to Save Day

We had a chance to chat with Joe Sangl on this "Teach Your Children To Save Day".  Joe is a financial expert and the author of the book "What Everyone Should Know About Money Before Entering the Real World"  Joe is all about avoiding debt, saving, and managing your finances so you can use your money to fuel the dreams God has given you.

If you ever thought, "I wish I knew 20-30 years ago what I now know about managing money" or you're struggling in this area, Joe's website has lots of great free resources and tools great for adults and children.

Apr 05 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

Lisa mentioned that her church had "cardboard testimonies" in their Easter service and how powerful they were. I (Eric) had never heard of them before, but a quick search of YouTube you'll find a bunch of videos of churches doing cardboard testimonies. Below is just one of the cool examples ...