Mar 09 2011

The Cause Within You - Matthew Barnett


For 17 years, Matthew Barnett has Pastored and overseen the Dream Center in Los Angeles - a place that has reached out and provided hope for the homeless, addicts, the abused and runaways.  Matthew says his life really changed when he finally scrapped his plans, starting serving people and found out what plan and cause God had for him. 

We had a chance to catch up with Matthew this morning to talk about the Dream Center, his new book "The Cause Within You" and even Charlie Sheen!  To hear parts of our conversation, click the links below.

Matthew on the Dream Center

Matthew on finding your cause

Matthew on Charlie Sheen

Matthew's encouragement for following the dreams God has placed in your heart 

Feb 14 2011

All the Wrinkled Ladies! Anita & John Renfroe

Anita & John Renfroe join us this morning to talk marriage and more.  Together they've written books like "Songs in the Key of Solomon" and "Duets".  Or you may have seen some of Anita's music-flavored comedy videos:

Jan 06 2011

The Second Chance Story of Ted Williams

If you've watched TV at all this week, there's a great chance you heard the story of Ted Williams.  The former radio personality that has struggled with addiction and found himself homeless.  What has transpired over the past couple of days has been amazing and speaks to the fact that we serve a God of Second Chances.  To see more of Ted's amazing second chance story, check out the video below ...




Dec 30 2010

My One Word for 2011 ...

It's not a "New Year Resolution" - it's One Word that you use to cast a vision of the person you want to be in 2011.  Pastor Mike Ashcraft of Port City Church in Wilmington, NC, developed the idea years ago to help him and his church get past the disappointment of broken resolutions, but instead choose one word that focuses on your character and creates a vision for your future.

Did you pick a word for this past year, 2010?  What impact did it have on you?  And will you be picking a word for 2011?