Feb 25 2010

Come Together Now

Michael W. Smith joined us Thursday morning to talk about this song, this video, and how his heart has been touched and changed by his recent trip to Haiti. If you missed the interview, you can listen to Michael talking about his trip to Haiti here.

Come Together Now - Music City Unites For Haiti from Provident Label Group on Vimeo.



Jan 12 2010

Biggest Loser - Danny Cahill

Danny Cahill, winner of the Biggest Loser, joins Lisa & Eric on the K-LOVE Morning Show today. Danny lost more weight than anyone else in the history of the show - an amazing 239 pounds! He gives glory to God and wants to use his new platform to help others. Danny is also a singer and has recorded a song called "Second Chance"

Dec 28 2009

One Last Look

I saw this on ESPN over the weekend and it really touched my heart ... I thought it might touch yours, as well ...
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Nov 25 2009

Pigtails and her K-LOVE sweatshirt :)

K-LOVE Morning Show news anchor Amy Baumann was on the news last night!  You know how it is...

You're just trying to rush into a store with the kids--no makeup, pigtails and a sweatshirt.  And a newsperson in the parking lot wants a quick interview.  And suddenly you see yourself on the nightly news! 

She answered the questions with typical Amy Baumann honesty and candor.  After watching this, she wants me to assure you that her kids ARE safe :))

Click here to see Amy, Eli and Max on the news last night!