Apr 20 2014

Prayer for Easter

Father, remind me today that Your forgiveness is for everyone.  It’s for bad guys and good guys, mean girls and nice girls, and even for messed up me.  It’s right there in Your word, 

“…Christ’s one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone." (Romans 5:18). 

It’s not just the perfect people who have it all together, but for the messes too. I might be a mess, but I’m Your mess. 

Father, let today be the beginning of something new.  I believe that Your son died for my sins, and because of that I am forgiven.  I understand now that there’s nothing I can do to get you to love me any more or any less.  Father, help me to forgive myself.  Help me this Easter to have a fresh new start –In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Apr 17 2014

"Will You Marry Me?"

This will change everything you’ve ever heard about The Last Supper maybe even the Easter Story. 

Joined by Mike Donehey today from Tenth Avenue North. I love his explanation of The Last Supper.  It's not just a painting, or a nice story from the Bible.  It's Jesus asking, "Will you marry me?" 

This Easter, will you accept?