Feb 06 2013

Heard on Today's Show!

Joel Houston of hillsong united stopped by our studio today! Here's a great quote from today's interview:

"Wherever we find ourselves, whatever we do, whether you go to school, or
you're a mom taking care of your family, or at the shopping mall - remember
whatever place God puts you - you can be serving God by simply smiling and
encouraging people, just being a light. However small that might feel,
when we are obedient to the call, God uses those opportunities, and opens
up more of them." - Joel Houston

Be looking for a guest post from him later today!


Video story from about Michael Oher and Leann Touhey. 


Trick Shot basketball kid - look for him in the NBA in 20 years! 


World's Smallest car:


Another asteroid is heading close to Earth. 


February is National Heart Month for obvious reason…But what is not so obvious are the signs when a woman is having a heart attack.


The Post Office is stopping Saturday Delivery - be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get cards to your loved ones.


Jan 29 2013

Heard on the show

It turns out that Twinkies are mortal after all...they don't, in fact, last forever!

Guilt-free Super Bowl snacks

Actor George Clooney pays a stranger's bill in a Berlin restaurant

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Jan 29 2013

Josh Wilson is on the show today!

We are excited to have Josh Wilson (I Refuse, Before the Morning, Fall Apart, Carry Me) on the show today! Got something to say to Josh? Share it here!

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