Feb 29 2012
Feb 28 2012

Post Operation

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Ali's Surgery

Ali after surgery

Taking in the local culture

Eating the local food

Today has been life changing to say the least, I believe we all have those “Aha Moments” from time to time, today was one of those for me!  I sat in an operating room in Kabul, Afghanistan for 45 minutes, and watched a doctor change a child’s life, and the life of his family.  It is hard to imagine that $1,000 changed little Ali Sina’s life… FOREVER!  You, the K-LOVE family, did that!  You changed a little boy’s life today!

Do you want to help more kids?  Right now, there are 100 million kids, just like Ali, who have a CUREable disability that can be fixed with a simple surgery.  The number seems staggering, and it is, but what’s even more staggering is just how simple it is to help change their lives… $1,000 and 45 minutes. 

I know that most of can’t give $1,000, but here’s what’s beautiful, you don’t have to.  This is about being part of a community, as the Church, working together we can make a difference!  Maybe it’s you, as a Sunday school teacher, small group leader or youth pastor, getting your friends together to help CURE Intl. change a life just like Ali.  We won’t change all 100 million kids lives this year, but together we can put a dent in it, start today, right here… K-LOVE + CURE


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Feb 28 2012


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