Oct 31 2011

Make A World of Difference Week

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Scott and Kelli Kim K. Divorce 72 days by K-LOVE Radio

After making her way down the aisle with her father, the California bride paused, pulled a cell phone out of the top of her dress and began to text under her veil. She used one hand to text as the other held her father’s hand. Caught in the Act: Bride Texting Down the Aisle. abc NEWS

Kim K filed for divorce Monday from her husband, and she's citing the cause as "irreconcilable differences," and lists the day of separation as Oct. 31, 2011. Kim Kardashian files for divorce! TODAY

16-Foot-Long Burmese Python Devours 76-Pound Deer. abc NEWS

Scott is an author of a chapter in the book Inspired By Tozer.

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Oct 28 2011

Artist Interview

Special guest today is Chris Tomlin.

New baby


"How Great Is Our God" (World Edition)

New Album

Full interview here.


How Great Is Our God...The Essential Collection  

Thrilled to announce the upcoming release of How Great Is Our God...The Essential Collection on November 15th. It will include a collection of music from the past decade, including a new recording of the song, How Great Is Our God, that you won't want to miss! Can't wait for you to hear it.

Switchfoot Contest Winner

New Americans sworn in on Lady Liberty's 125th birthday. msnbc.com


Live from the Golden Torch 

Lady Liberty Enlightening the World Wide Web

How the Buck Family Became a Part of World Series Game 6 Folklore. TIME


5 Simple Things That Could Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk. Huffington Post

Redbox Prices To Increase As Parent Company Coinstar's Earnings Nearly Double. Huffington Post



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Oct 27 2011

Not so Positive and Encouraging

Treats Calorie Calculator

Scott and Kelli calculate their proposed candy intake this weekend, not so positive and encouraging. Possibly the funniest segment of the week.  Tell us what your favorite segment is for the week here or Facebook.

Scott and Kelli Calculating Candy by K-LOVE Radio


10 Secrets of Debt Collectors. Shine from YAHOO!

1. They teach us that all debtors are compulsive liars, and no matter what you tell us, we’re supposed to keep pushing.

2. Like us or not, we’re a vital part of keeping the cash flow going in this country.

3. We’ve heard every tale of woe.

Read more here.

Go ahead, apologize to your kids when you've done something wrong, advises author Jacquelyn Mitchard. You won't look weak, and they'll grow up strong. I Apologize to My Children When I Make Mistakes. Shine from YAHOO!

I started out this challenge with the idea that I was going to make a connection to the 1.4 billion individuals around the world living on $1.50 or less each day.
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