Sep 09 2010

You can pay cash for your car!

Ellie Kay, America's Family Financial Expert has learned from experience that there is a way to never go into debt when purchasing a car. In fact, she walked us through the steps we need to take to pay cash for our next car! Learn more here:

Listen to Ellie Kay talk about paying cash for cars below:

Ellie Kay talks with Kelli about how to pay cash for a car instead of going into debt.

Ellie Kay explains how to negotiate the price of a car.



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Sep 08 2010

How do you deal with a lousy day?

Had a bad day? We've all been there! Some tips to help...pray, do something nice for someone else, exercise, reach out to a friend, keep perspective on what really matters and be grateful. Check out this article for more suggestions:
What's worked for you? How do you deal with a lousy day?
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