Feb 12 2010

Heart Healthy Valentine's Day and Brownies Recipe!

Heart Healthy Valentines February is National Heart Month, so let’s be good to our hearts this Valentine’s day.

Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Brownies 139 calories, 25 g Carbs, 3 g Protein, 5 g fat (per 3 oz. brownie!!) Get the recipe by clicking this link!


Christine’s suggestions for a Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Dinner

1) Lean protein such as grilled beef tenderloin (the leanest cut of beef).

2) Quinoa with artichoke hearts and fresh parsley. Quinoa is a staple of the ancient Incas and means “the mother grain”. It’s high in iron and loaded with fiber (4 gm per ½ cup).

3) A small glass of seltzer water with a splash of pomegranate juice and twist of lime. This is better for you than diet soda or champagne and much more romantic looking to the eye when poured into a wine or champagne glass.

4) Chocolate raspberry brownies. These are my newest creation and are beyond blissful…they are chewy, gooey, chocolately with a unique burst of tart raspberry…so unique and heart healthy.

Feb 11 2010

What phrase annoys you the most?

A survey recently revealed the most annoying phrases used at work and the number one phrase? "Thinking outside the box." Is there a phrase that you hear regularly that drives you crazy? One that you overuse?

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Feb 11 2010

Brandon Heath in outer space!

Congrats to Brandon on the use of his song "Give Me Your Eyes" as the wake-up song in the space shuttle on Monday! So cool! Check this out! 


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Jun 17 2010

Healthy Eating with Christine Avanti--love those avocados!



Holy Guacamole!

Avocados are not only a super food but they are also a flat tummy food.  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are the Kobe Bryant’s of the nutrition world when it comes to weight loss.  According to a study in the journal of Diabetes Care dieters who consumed monounsaturated fats lost more tummy fat than those eating the same number of calories but less fats. 


Hmmm….what’s really going on here?  Well….when we eat carbohydrates on their own…for example a bag of chips….blood sugar levels peak and send a signal to your body to store fat in your midsection.  But monounsaturated fats (such as the ones found in our dear friend the avocado) actually stop those fat accumulating blood sugar spikes dead in their tracks.  Half a cup of cubed avocado contains only 11 grams of healthy fat.  So, have some homemade guacamole and baked tortilla chips and burn some belly fat!  Who knew! 


Check out Christine Avanti’s Guacamole and Homemade Tortilla Chips only 152 Calories and 11 grams of fat!  Yum!

She says it takes less than 15 minutes to whip up this good-for-you fat burning snack. 



Jun 17 2010

Is now a good time to refinance your home?

Our guest, Ellie Kay is America's Family Financial Expert and has some helpful tips if you are considering refinancing your home loan. Learn more here: http://www.elliekay.com/


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Jun 17 2010

Wacky pet names!

A list of the top 50 wackiest pet names came out today. Top names: Pickle Von Corndog for dogs and Purr Diem for cats! Other names include Bing Clawsby and Virginia Woof! Got any crazy pet names? What are they?

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