Mar 07 2012

Ali Update, Peyton Manning and more

Ali update from CURE international, absolutely amazing!

Beards Get Respect, But Not Women, Study Finds. TIME NewsFeed

Colts to release Peyton Manning. msnbc

Scott explains Peyton Manning no longer being a Colt.

Aggressive Turkey Stalks and Terrorizes Detroit Woman Every Day. TME NewsFeed

Apple unveils new 4G iPad. TODAY

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Mar 05 2012

Back Home & on Air

I am glad to be home, but there is a part of me that still lingers in Afghanistan, and honestly, probably always will.  This past week has helped change my life forever.  Thanks to CURE Intl., I have seen first hand that sharing the Gospel, begins with caring for people.  

In Matthew 25, Christ calls us to share our faith by caring for people, he tells us to feed, clothe and love even the “least of these”, and that is exactly what this past week was about… And we saw God move in amazing ways.  

The lesson here isn’t that we have to travel to a place like Afghanistan to do that, it is simply that we need to take advantage of those opportunities, whenever and wherever they present themselves, this is what it means to “be the light of the world”.  In living our lives this way, people will want to know why, and it is then that God opens the door for you to share the Gospel.  I can only imagine how God can use us to change the world, for his glory, once we have learned to love as he does.

Airport adventure on my way home.

Recap of the impact of CURE's surgery on Ali.

Ind. mom loses legs but saves kids from tornado. U.S. News

An Indiana woman lost both her legs when her family's home collapsed on top of her Friday as she was shielding her two children from a devastating tornado. But thanks to the woman's efforts, her kids survived.

Levi's 'All Shapes And Sizes' Campaign Only Applies To Skinny Girls. Business Insider

Study:Banning too-thin models could help curb anorexia. TODAY

Bounty scandal has Saints in disarray. ESPN

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Feb 29 2012

Afghanistan Day 3: Get Out Of Your “Comfort Zone”

Scott and Kelli talk...

Ali Update

Premature Babies

Coming Home

There Together

This trip with CURE Intl. has been such a great lesson in why we must get out of our “comfort zone”.  Coming to Afghanistan, with tensions extremely high, certainly gave me a chance to get out of my “comfort zone” this week, and it has been life changing!  

Looking down at Ali on that operating table yesterday, I saw myself… Ali was lying there vulnerable and in desperate need of help, just like me.  When I was vulnerable and in desperate need of help, it was Jesus who came and rescued me!  He left his “comfort zone” to save me, and change my life…Forever!  This week the K-LOVE family helped rescue a little Afghan boy, and your efforts will change Ali Sina’s life… Forever!

My hope is that this week has demonstrated what can happen when we work together to make a difference for someone else.  I don’t know what getting out of your “comfort zone” means for you, but I am guessing that you have a pretty good idea what it looks like.  If Jesus set the example for us, by leaving his “comfort zone”, than I am not sure what makes us think that we can excuse ourselves from doing the same?  He has called each of us to love as he loved, to treat “the least of these” as we would Jesus, himself.  Jesus left his “comfort zone” to change our lives forever…now it’s your turn to leave your “comfort zone” to change someone else’s life!

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