Feb 28 2012

Post Operation

Scott's update with Kelli...

Ali's Surgery

Ali after surgery

Taking in the local culture

Eating the local food

Today has been life changing to say the least, I believe we all have those “Aha Moments” from time to time, today was one of those for me!  I sat in an operating room in Kabul, Afghanistan for 45 minutes, and watched a doctor change a child’s life, and the life of his family.  It is hard to imagine that $1,000 changed little Ali Sina’s life… FOREVER!  You, the K-LOVE family, did that!  You changed a little boy’s life today!

Do you want to help more kids?  Right now, there are 100 million kids, just like Ali, who have a CUREable disability that can be fixed with a simple surgery.  The number seems staggering, and it is, but what’s even more staggering is just how simple it is to help change their lives… $1,000 and 45 minutes. 

I know that most of can’t give $1,000, but here’s what’s beautiful, you don’t have to.  This is about being part of a community, as the Church, working together we can make a difference!  Maybe it’s you, as a Sunday school teacher, small group leader or youth pastor, getting your friends together to help CURE Intl. change a life just like Ali.  We won’t change all 100 million kids lives this year, but together we can put a dent in it, start today, right here… K-LOVE + CURE


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Feb 27 2012

Ali's Surgery

The surgery is complete! Ali, a one-year old boy in Afghanistan has just finished his life-changing surgery to fix his cleft palate through a CURE hosptial. The procedure was more complicated than some because the gap in his lip is greater than usual, but the doctor measured the two sides of his lip and made points with a dye to determine the best way to make the correction. Note: Despite the scrubs, I did not perform the surgery.

Viewer discretion advised, some parts of the surgery can be seen in this video. Thank you for your support and making this surgery possible.

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Feb 27 2012

I am in Afghanistan

Scott calls the Morning Show...

Scott meets Ali...

Welcome to Afghanistan and the CURE Hospital....

Our K-LOVE and CURE Intl. trip to Afghanistan has been amazing!  Yesterday we arrived in Kabul.  Tensions are high, as you’ve probably heard, but we are safe and we’re seeing God work in amazing ways through CURE’s work here.  

Although the CURE hospital is one of 60 hospitals in Kabul, it is the biggest and the busiest, God is using it to touch lives in an Amazing way.  We have seen first hand how loving people who consider us enemies is changing their lives, and one of the children’s lives being changed is Ali Sina.  We met Ali and his family today, and later this morning, we’ll see his cleft lip and pallet repaired, thanks to K-LOVE listeners. 

I am sitting here awake at 2 AM, praying in anticipation of what God will do.  I am writing this because I don’t have access to a phone right now and a WIFI connection that comes and goes, in hopes that you will join me in praying for Ali, the CURE staff and the beautiful people of Afghanistan.

Here is a letter I wrote to Ali’s family after meeting them today:

“I wanted to write and let you know what a joy it was meeting your family yesterday.  We so appreciated meeting Ali, and are praying to God that his surgery goes well.  We are praying for God’s peace, and for a quick recovery.  

What I wanted you to know is that there are many more people in America who love Ali and your family, and are praying for you today.  Ali’s surgery is being provided for by families who love the CURE hospital and wanted to help Ali.  We will continue to pray for him and for your family, we look forward to hearing about his recovery in the months to come.  May God bless and watch over you.” 

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