Sep 11 2011

Day Six in New York Looking To The Future

"But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive." Genesis 50:20


Scott and Kelli's Closing Remarks

How to talk to your kids about 9/11. CBS News

Interview with Dwight Bain

Our Faith Carries Us

Interview with Pastor Jim Cymbala from The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Genelle Guzman-McMillan's story - There is Hope

Interview with New York City Firefigher C.

New York City Fire Department 9/11 Tribute

Interview with Franklin Graham found here.

Interview wtih Max Lucado

The Big Picture

Full interviews here.

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9/13/2011 7:18:47 AM
Kelly Welles United States
Kelly Welles
Hi Scott and Keli,

I just wanted to thank you both so much, for sharing your hearts on the air with little old me out here in NM. Also, thanks for getting all these recordings posted, so that I could share with everyone who missed it all, on facebook!
I love you both!
Kelly Welles
9/13/2011 6:31:42 PM
Alex United States
Hi Scott and Kelli,

After reading the article about being addicted to Facebook, I have deactivated my account because I myself am addicted to it. So I wasn't able to post on your wall there. But I wanted to comment about KLove being in NY on September 11th. I wanted to thank you guys for being there because my uncle was a firefighter who we lost in 2005. He wasn't a first responder but was from a crew from Virginia who was one of the first to bring search and rescue dogs to Ground Zero. Even with protective gear, he still inhaled too much asbestos amongst other garbage, contracted cancer, and died a few years later. He had one of those smiles that tickled your soul. There are certain songs that just make me stop and cry, and trust me, it takes a lot to make a 6'0 tall, 300 lb man cry. But it was great to hear that you guys were there to "spread the KLove". I think my uncle Jack would stop and help you spread the Word if he was still here. So thank you.

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