Oct 31 2011

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Scott and Kelli Kim K. Divorce 72 days by K-LOVE Radio

After making her way down the aisle with her father, the California bride paused, pulled a cell phone out of the top of her dress and began to text under her veil. She used one hand to text as the other held her father’s hand. Caught in the Act: Bride Texting Down the Aisle. abc NEWS

Kim K filed for divorce Monday from her husband, and she's citing the cause as "irreconcilable differences," and lists the day of separation as Oct. 31, 2011. Kim Kardashian files for divorce! TODAY

16-Foot-Long Burmese Python Devours 76-Pound Deer. abc NEWS

Scott is an author of a chapter in the book Inspired By Tozer.

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10/31/2011 2:15:59 PM
Janie United States
It seems to be ok for society to divorce my son who has been married since July and now she wants a divorce and is with child.  They went to counciling and then she asked her pastor and they told her that it was ok divorce. Well there no grounds she just not happy,and my son has been in prayer and there no hope in his eyes.
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