Oct 10 2013

Thank YOU So Much for Giving To K-LOVE!

God is doing amazing things through this ministry. Thanks to YOU lives are being changed! We shared a story today that touched our hearts and brought us to tears. Jessica's life has been transformed from fear and loneliness to being joyful in God. Take a listen...

Oct 09 2013

God Uses K-LOVE to Save a Marriage

We love hearing stories of how the Lord is changing lives through K-LOVE! Today we heard from Marcy and she shared how her marriage was healed and how her husband saved, all because they listened to K-LOVE. God is using you and K-LOVE, to make a positive impact!

Oct 02 2013

How God used K-LOVE in Donna's Life

Everyday we here amazing stories of how God uses the ministry of K-LOVE, it wouldn't be possible without the support of listeners just like you. We believe that 'hope changes everything,' and this note from Donna about how God has used the station in here life, is proof.

"I started listening to K-love in 2010 and gave my first pledge in the spring pledge drive in 2012. I went through my daughter being killed in a semi-truck in January 2012 and then my marriage of 12 years ended in April 2012 because my husband said he never loved me, but through it all K-LOVE was there; encouraging me. I am praising God every day for the fact I get up every morning and turn on K-LOVE and am encouraged to keep on keeping on. I believe that God causes all things to work together for our good. The Lord uses an encouraging word by a DJ or a song at just the right time, and boy it makes a big difference to know God is always there no matter what comes our way.

I know how important it is to continue to support K-LOVE so others can have K-LOVE to help encourage them in the goodness and mercy of Our Father God."

Thanks to people just like you, stories like this are possible! You can give NOW at www.klove.com or call us anytime at 1-800-525-5683!

Tips for Hosting a Party for the Big Game
Feb 03 2012

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2/3/2012 1:52:08 PM
Kay Jantz United States
Kay Jantz
So when will you select the lucky young person today?
2/3/2012 1:56:52 PM
Kim Campbell United States
Kim Campbell
So I heard you talking about snacks for the super bowl. Here's a snack that you may have heard about. A friend of mine developed Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes! Check it out www.cupcakeproject.com/.../...r-bowl-cupcakes.html

2/4/2012 4:23:32 PM
amy United States
so... will u please answer your phone calls?

2/4/2012 4:25:49 PM
terri United States
       Your show and songs rock!!!!!!!!!!!! k-love is my #1 radio station!!!!!!!!!!
2/6/2012 10:25:23 AM
Liz United States
Wish I had read this post and spent some time before the Super Bowl deciding ahead of time what to eat.  Blew three weeks of making really good food choices and seeking to obey God in those choices, for the thrill and excitement of having a "complete" Super Bowl experience including chips, guac, dip, chili and light beer. Today, not much better trying to get back on track.  Foolish to opt for the temporary instead of choosing the lasting, beneficial blessing of obedience. Temptation seems to always be subtle at first and "manageable".  Should have instead immersed myself in the reality of the short-lived temporal pleasure and sought to be obedient.  I know better....obedience, not party food bring true joy.
2/12/2012 7:48:21 PM
Luke Dyess United States
Luke Dyess
Love this.

Luke Dyess

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