Feb 27 2013

Highlights From Today's Show

Because of today's Social Media Blackout, you won't find the reference links from today's show on my Facebook Page or Twitter. However, these are some amazing stories and I would love to give you the direction to find out more information. Below are some of the highlights from today's show! 

"When you greet my daughter, please don't tell her she's beautiful." - Devan McGuinness

If you're looking for a healthier way to eat, here it is! 


How a Family of Four Manages to Live Well on Just $14,000 Per Year

A 7-yr old boy raised more than $30,000 for his sick friend - And it WASN'T a lemonade stand!

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Feb 26 2013

Plumb In Real Life

It's rare and refreshing when you meet someone and instantly, they are real with you.  They don't pretend to have it all figured out, they don't try to impress you with a verbal resume of all the great things they and their family are up to.  They start with the bad stuff, and tell you how they overcome.

That's what happened with the artist, Plumb, in studio today.  Her real name is Tiffany Arbuckle.  She is an artist, wife, and mother of three children. Last year, she went through the darkest time of her life.

It was during this time that her own song, "Need You Now," began ministering back to her. It is a song that she had written about dealing with panic attacks as a teenager, and this time it had whole new meaning.  What she was going through made her anxiety attacks look like a walk in the park. She and her husband were separated.  It was Christmas, she was alone, and she cried out to God again, "Need You Now".

"Need You Now" isn't the only song on her new album (which is being released today) that has new meaning.   "One Drop" was originally inspired by a commercial opportunity that involved water.  To write it she started thinking about her relationship with her husband and the words "I need you, you need me, and left alone we're not as good as we can be together," came to her. She wrote it before her separation. Now it's not commercial, but personal. She said, "I didn't have to have everything fixed overnight, I just needed a little sliver of hope."

She clung to that one sliver of hope that they could reconcile, and it grew and grew.  They started counseling. Plumb says the best piece of advice was from one of her pastors.  He told her, "you can't change him, and he can't change you. You can only work on yourselves."  

To do this, while they were separated, she did the Love Dare from the movie, Fireproof.  She says that did not fix her marriage, it changed her.  Now she wants to do it every year, because it forces her to be reminded of who she needs to be for Jesus Christ.

Through that process of working on herself and clinging to the little sliver of hope, God restored her marriage.  This past May, they reconciled. Plumb says songs like "Need You Now" and "One Drop" are her anthems of hope.

If you didn't get a chance to hear Plumb on the show this morning, you can hear the audio below. 

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