Aug 17 2012

Come Awake

If you have ever found yourself going through life on auto-pilot.

Maybe once you parked at the office, you had the thought, how did I get here?  I don't even remember the drive.

It's time to change it up.  This is something I’m personally working on.  As a parent of young children, life sometimes feels an ipod on repeat.

So, I did something different this morning, and I got up early, put on my headphones, and ran.  I just have a lot of things on my mind, I need to sort through, and that usually works for me.

During my run, Matt Maher’s song, Christ is Risen, came on my ipod.

I have heard it a thousand times, but today I was in a new routine, and it stood out in a different way.

Especially the lyric “No burden great can hold you down…Come awake come awake, Come and rise up from the grave.”

I know that the song is talking about Jesus and how he rose from the grave.

But today, I got the encouragement that you and I can too.  You can come awake, get off auto pilot, and banish apathy.

The bible says if you believe, you can do all that Jesus did. So if no burden got him down, if he can come awake, and rise up, so can you.

"For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light."  -Michah 7:8

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Aug 17 2012

Daddy's Girls

You might remember making those friendship bracelets back in school, kids are still doing these.

In fact, I saw this thing where 2 little girls made something for their Dad. They wanted it to be good luck for him, because he was scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. Their big burly Dad wore those pink bracelets with pride, climbed the mountain, and is still wearing them, 8 months later.

But, he got in trouble for it. See, their Dad is R.A. Dickey.  He’s a pitcher for the New York Mets.  Apparently, in baseball there’s a rule about wearing things like this, and the other day the Umpire stopped the game, went out to the pitcher’s mound, and made him take them off.

Dickey said he had worn them without complaint in every start he has made this season. I saw a picture of them around his wrist, they were so worn and tattered and that it looks like he has never taken them off.

Now that's a Daddy who loves his kids.

Tell me what special thing your children have made you?

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