Sep 14 2012

Change the Channel

I don’t know about you, but it seems like at the end of week it’s easier to focus on why your grateful it's over, rather than reflect on the great thanks that happened.  

For example, I could focus on how my garage door spring broke and I had to ride my bike to work on Monday because my "mamavan" was stuck inside.

I heard a pastor once say it’s like changing the channel on your TV.  Take your remote and turn off the channel that’s replaying the negative news reel of your day.  Instead put it on your own personal learning channel, and focus on what you gained form those experiences. 

I gained perspective.  I learned how grateful I am to have that "mamavan" to get around most days, even if it's not so cool.  

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Sep 13 2012

How to Change a Heart

If you follow celebrity news, you know that seems to be the place where “The Ministry of Correction” happens the most.  

There’s one new celebrity mom that's being criticized for her weight, slow weight loss, and even what her baby is wearing in pictures.  It breaks my heart.  I will always defend a mama.  

This kind of thing reminds me of the song "Losing" from Tenth Avenue North.  Because that’s what happens when we are so quick to point out the wrongs of others, as people of faith, we loose.   

You may not agree with the way she lives her life, but it doesn't give you permission to tear her down.  

"Losing" is a challenge not to point it out because that’s what everyone expects Christians to do.  Which is why some people run from the church.  

The lyrics are:  "Why do we think hate is going to change a heart?"  

It makes you think about the greatest commandment.  It’s not to criticize, it’s just to love.  

More lyrics:  “This is love, this is hate, we all have a choice to make.”

We all do it though.  Maybe just trying not to do it as much is progress.  Imperfect progress...

Tenth Avenue North - Losing (Official Music Video) from tenth-avenue-north on GodTube.

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