Aug 28 2012

Unknowns of Isaac and Beyond

What to do when you’re facing the unknown…

There are still a lot of unknowns today with Hurricane Isaac.  If you’re a praying person, I’m sure those of us in the path of Isaac would appreciate your prayers.

When this kind of thing happens. I go to this verse in the bible, and start praying.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
–Peter 5:7

I literally picture myself taking the things that I’m worried about or struggling with, and laying them at the feet of Jesus, than walking away free of the baggage.

If you’re struggling with worry, depression, an addiction, or need healing try casting your anxieties on Him, laying them at Jesus’ feet, and don’t pick them back up.

Here’s proof that it works.

I talked with Melissa today, she’s on the other side of that now, after praying for years for her son, she’s celebrating today…

And if your would like some help in casting your anxiety on God, and asking Him for help with your unknowns today.  Tell us how we can pray for you online or call 800-525-LOVE.

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Aug 28 2012

Team Robin

Your story is a pretty big deal, IF you share it.

Here is a great example of that:

Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts has announced that she will go on medical leave after this week.  Friday is her last day for a while.  She’s going in for a bone marrow transplant.  Her donor is her sister.

As a public person I’m sure this is hard.  I can't imagine having to walk outside this illness out in front of everyone, having to smile on the outside for the camera when I imagine she doesn't feel very well on the inside.

But, by not hiding it she’s helped increase the amount of people volunteering to become bone marrow donors by 50 percent.

Just by sharing her story.  Makes you think about the impact you could make if you shared yours...

Join me in praying for Team Robin and learn more about her incredible journey

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