Aug 13 2012

Still Standing

Proof that you matter.  Even if you feel ruined.  Like your life is a bit like "a pile of ashes."

Recently I got to see the Redwood Forest.  Trees that are the tallest living thing, and possibly the oldest.  One had lived for 1,000 years.  Walking amongst them can make you feel pretty insignificant.

But, what got my attention is one that didn't make it.  There was a sign by it that told it's story.

"Hundreds of years ago, a single large redwood grew here.  Then disaster struck.  The trunk of the large redwood was killed, perhaps by repeated and severe wildfire.  All that's left is a dead and blackened snag.  Despite such terrible damage, the tree did not die.  Below the ground its massive root system was full of vitality.  Before long, hundreds of young, bright-green burl sprouts began to come up around the circle formed by the root crown of the orginial tree.  Some of those sprouts have grown into the full-sized trees that today stand in a circle around the original trunk."  

They call it a Family Circle.  

Where it put it's trust, is what made future generations strong.  Even though it was just a "blackened snag."

I love that when disaster struck, it's legacy was not destroyed.  The tree just dug deeper, and the roots were it's legacy.  

Makes me think about when disaster strikes in your life.  (Notice I didn't say if, but when.)  You have two choices, give up, or dig deep and lean on your roots of faith and family.  

I chose to dig deep, after my marriage fell apart, and it's made all the difference.  I'm still standing, a little damaged, but still standing, and pouring roots of faith and family into the next generation around me, my three children.   

Living proof that God makes beauty out of ashes...

"For those that mourn in Zion He gave me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that we may be trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified."  Isaiah 61:3

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Aug 10 2012


When you face stressful situations circumstances out of your control, it’s hard to not loose your cool.  

So many times I admit to you, I’ve come unglued.  Usually it’s when life stuff piles up, and then one of my kids has a fit in public, usually at the grocery store screaming for candy, and I loose it.  I come unglued.  

I’m reading this new book about that you might be interested in, called Unglued , by Lysa Tyrkhurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

It’s about how to handle those moments, and be a better example for God.  I love what she says “You can face things that are out of control and not act out of control”  

Yes it is possible!  

Little behind the scenes secret for you. You’ll have a chance to win the book Unglued next week.

Tell us what makes you become "unglued" and find out how.  

Also, there’s this cool Unglued Women’s Conference coming up Thursday, August 23rd.  You don’t even have to leave your house and book a babysitter for it!  It’s a one hour webcast on the new book!  

So we call all come unglued together…wait no…I mean, help each other out when we do.

Lysa said it better,  “God Gave you emotions so you can experience life not destroy it”

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