Jun 26 2012

I Ask That You Live

Sometimes I think we put all our self worth based on how many people we have in our life that love us.  We feel like life is good when you have a spouse, kids, friends, that love you, but what happens if you loose one or all of those.

I’ve learned that God’s love is more than enough to cover that loss.

You have to go on living.

Thought about that when I saw Marie Tillman in the news yesterday.

She’s Pat Tillman’s widow. He was the football player that enlisted in the Army after 9-11, and then was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire.

She’s now remarried and had a child.  She shared his “just in case” letter that he had left for her before his deployment. She said it ended up being a gift.

It said, “I’ve asked a great deal of you, therefore it should surprise you little that I have another favor to ask. I ask that you live.’’

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Jun 26 2012

Perfect Match

No matter what happens to you in a relationship, or what has happened, you still want to believe in true love.  

I found a real one.  

Jonathan and Caitlin.

When Jonathan was 18 he had lupus and he had to have a kidney transplant, his mother was his donor.

Last year, his kidney was failing again hand the prognosis was not good, this was really rare and the doctors said because of all his past blood transfusions it would be virtually impossible to find a suitable match. He had a 15 chance of finding his perfect match.

At the same time he thought he'd met the "One" while in seminary school. Despite his failing health they chose love and got married.

A month after their wedding Jonathan got on the transplant list, even though the odds were like winning the lottery.

This week he went into surgery, turns out he really did find "The One," his perfect match ended up being his new bride, Caitlin. 

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