Jun 06 2012

You are Redeemed

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling good enough for God to love you,

you will find encouragement in the new song from Big Daddy Weave,

called “Redeemed”.

The band was visiting K-LOVE the other day, and just in passing I

asked the lead singer of the band, Mike Weaver, to tell me about his

new song.  I realized quickly by his strong reaction that this song

was more than a catchy tune for a CD.  It’s personal.

He said, he’s always struggled with self worth.  It’s a song about

what God does with your imprefections, your mistakes, your past.  You

are Redeemed.

The definition of Redeemed :  

"to buy back

to free from captivity by payment of ransom

to release from blame or debt

to free from distresses or harms

to free from the consequences of sin

to change for the better."

That’s what Jesus will do for you when you believe.

So as Mike Weaver sings in “Redeemed”.

“Stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.” 

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Jun 05 2012

The List

If you’ve ever doubted whether or not God can really help you out of a


Wondering if he really does answer prayers…or even listen.

I was faced with my own doubt…and fear …over the weekend at church

when my pastor said, “Believe that God will do what He says can do”

I realized…I know what the bible says he can do…he can heal, he can

provide, but I don’t really walk around believing that can happen to

me all the time.

Even though it already has.

If you look back at your life, you can find how God has given you many

reasons why you can believe that he’s real and trust him.

Maybe you could write a little list.  A time he answered your prayer,

someone you know that he healed, a time He provided what you needed to

pay the bills, or a friend at the right time.  Put it on your fridge

or on your bathroom mirror as a reminder that if God provided then, he

can provide for you today too.

Tell me what’s on your list…you can call at 800-900-1300 or if you’re

on Facebook share it on my page.

The list…is proof that God really can do what the bible says He can do.

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