Jun 05 2012

You Matter

Maybe you’ve noticed this too, there’s lots of space stuff going on lately.

Like that lunar eclipse with the ring of fire last month…

Yesterday there a partial lunar eclipse

And a big show today.  Venus will trek across the sun’s face from

Earth’s perspective...it’s a big deal because the next time Venus will

trek in front of the sun will be in 2117.

You can actually make this home made device to see it…find out how on

the K-LOVE news page.

The whole thing just makes you feel pretty small.  When you think of

God has orchestrated the universe, and how short your time on Earth is

compared to how long it’s been around and will be.

And yet you still matter to God.  You’re His favorite.

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Jun 04 2012

Invite God to Show Up

The moment you get it.  When you realize God’s got your back, even though you feel like the rug has been ripped from underneath you. 

Reflecting today on the lyrics of Laura Story's song, "Blessings

We pray for wisdom, Your voice to hear

We cry in anger when we cannot feel You near

We doubt Your goodness, we doubt your love

As if every promise from Your Word is not enough

Laura's husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, they prayed for healing, but it hasn’t fully come yet. They are still waiting…

Throughout the process she is learning about really what it means to need God, depend on him, and how to handle when you start to doubt whether or not He really can do what the Bible says He can do.

I think most of us live life doing it on our own.  We plan retirement, save for kids to go to college, plan vacations a year ahead of time, and then when something goes haywire that’s when we ask God for help, or blame Him for everything going wrong.  I actually think that’s pretty normal. 

Sometimes you doubt whether or not God can really help you out of a situation.  

But, if you look back at your life, you can find how God has given you many reasons why you can believe that he’s real and trust him. Maybe you can think back and write a little list.  A time he answered your prayer, someone you know that he healed, a time He provided what you needed to pay the bills, or a friend at the right time. 

Remember those times when you Doubt if God is really good. 

My pastor said yesterday…”most of us don’t live our lives in a way that gives God an opportunity to do a miracle."  

Invite Him to show up more, and believe that He will do what He says what He can do.  

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