May 30 2012

Survive to Five

The thing about having kids, you end up spending a lot of time at the doctor’s office.

Between regular checkups, and whatever virus is going around in school, it feels like we are there at least once a month.

Watching the news last night gave me perspective on all those doctor visits.  It made me thankful for the opportunity to go.

There’s a new hunger crisis brewing in West Africa.  It stretches across 8 nations, because of a drought and war.  Children are starving.  It seemed pretty hopeless last night on the news, but you can do something about it. 

There’s this thing that K-LOVE is involved in called Survive to Five with Word Vision.  You might have seen the K-LOVE logo with it on racing cars, it’s part of the effort to raise awareness for these children living in extreme poverty around the world. 

Most won’t survive to 5 years old.

That’s where you come and can sponsor thempay for clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, and an education, so they can literally survive to five years old.

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May 29 2012

Power of Music

It begins with the ABC’s, B-I-N-G-O, and Jesus Loves Me. 

As a child, you learn things and remember things better if it’s in a song. 

Saw this new research that went even deeper on what that is and found that music can change your brain.  One researcher said, “It allows you to think in a way that you used to not think”

That’s one thing when you’re learning your ABC’s or your multiplication tables, it’s another when it’s learning how much God loves you. 

There’s all kinds of music you can listen to.  Music that makes you groove, run faster, get over a breakup.  I don’t know about you, but I choose music that reminds me that…

God is Stronger (Matthew West)

That he’s been with me All This Time (Brit Nicole)

There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, no more fear (Jeremy Camp)

I Will Rise (Chris Tomlin)

You are Beautiful, treasured, sacred, His (Mercy Me)

I love what K-LOVE listener, Dorothy said, “when nobody’s words, nothing can help, when nothing else can touch my soul, music can”.

What song and lyrics has changed the way you think about God, and your life? 


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