Mar 15 2012

Deep and Simple

You might want to set your DVR for this one.  Especially if you were a fan of Mr. Rogers growing up.  Man, I can still picture him putting his sweater…and changing his shoes…feeding his fish…

There’s a documentary about him that’s going to be on PBS next Tuesday called “Mister Rogers and Me.”  It’s about what happened with a young MTV producer met Mister Rogers and changed his perspective on life. 

His mother had rented a cottage for a summer vacation, turns out Mister Rogers lived next door. 

They got to know each other.  Mister Rogers said one specific thing to the young man: 

“I firmly believe that deep and simple, is more essential than shallow and complex.  And he said, spread the word.”

So the MTV producer went on the road, talked to Mister Rogers friends and neighbors to figure out what he meant by that. 

Wondering what you think.  I think it’s all about how we treat one another. 

Mr. Rogers says himself that He got into television because he saw people throw pies in people's faces.  And if there's anything that made him mad was one person demeaning another.  

Instead of assuming the worst about someone, He assumed that everyone watching his show had this wonderful person inside just waiting to get out.


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Mar 14 2012

Old Fashioned Courting

Remembering how simple dating used to be.  Before email, text, and tv

Maybe for your grandparents…there was no online match site…or reality show where one guy dates 12 women at the same time…and that seems okay.

It’s interesting the same day there was a finale of one of those reality TV dating shows, I saw a story on the news about the opposite.  A long old fashioned romance that started with love letters.

A boy, noticed a girl who was quite the catch, and respectfully wrote her letters “courting” her. 

He said he loved “the sunshine of her smile”

In another one he said,  "nothing so fine ever happened to him or anyone else as falling in love with dearest heart.” 

Oh that’s good…the Bachelor never said that.

The girl finally agreed to see this romantic boy after that letter…and on the first date he asked her to marry her.   

She accepted and as they say the rest is history.  Richard and Pat Nixon were married for 53 years. 

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