Apr 30 2012

Picture Perfect

You know how you have one of those friends.  No matter how many miles apart you live, or how many years it’s been since you’ve seen each other, when you do you pick up right where you left off.

I am so thankful for one of those friends today.  My friend, Chante, came to visit this weekend.

We were talking about, in the course of our decade of friendship, how life has changed.  We’ve been through single-hood, having kids, moves across the country, and divorce.  She’s been like a rock through all the changes.

When I started to complain a bit about how my family dynamic doesn’t feel picture perfect anymore.

She said, “A picture perfect life is attainable, just the contents of everyone’s picture is different.” 

Tell me about your lifelong friend…

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Apr 27 2012

Laugh Out Loud

Laughing is Therapy...

You know what they say…”someday you’re going to laugh about this…” 
National Humor Month…only a few days left…just saw this…I don’t know about you, but I could use a good laugh today.  So let’s do this, change our mood. 
Dr. Oz has said that laughter triggers a rush of those good endorphins that can help you overcome a down mood…the same thing you get from a good workout. 
I’d love to know the funniest thing that happened to you this week.  We'll all have a little laughing therapy session just reading each others stories and comments.
It’s been a long week…my kids and I are all sick…at night it sounds like an orchestra of coughing in my house.  Complaining to my mom on the phone last night about it and so we just started telling stories…
This is a classic:
My mother  was grocery shopping and bumped her shopping cart into a stack of glass bottles of cooking oil - they all fell and broke all over the floor - she was unable to get up from the floor because all the oil made the floor slick.  So a store employee came by and poured kitty litter to help her finally get some traction so she could stand up.  So, covered with oil, stuck with kitty litter, she walked out of the store crying, and laughing.  
You either cry or laugh at life…I choose laughter.
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