Apr 24 2012

Does everyone deserve our forgiveness?

Of course we know God says he forgives all, but what does He expect from us.

Heard this story about Rennee. 

About 10 years ago, her daughter was driving with a friend in Florida.  Megan was 20 at the time. 

She got in a car accident.  It wasn’t her fault.  She was hit by Eric.  He was drunk. 

Megan died.  Eric went to jail.

Her mother Renee, said when you get news like this that the wailing and crying that comes from the depths of your soul," "The pain is so horrible."  In my mind, she has a right to be mad at Eric.  She made it her life’s mission to prevent this happening to any other mother and daughter. So she started a foundation and traveled the country speaking out against drunk driving.  And she’s taking Eric, the one that killed her daughter while driving drunk, with her. She says their message against drunk driving is more powerful together.

Renee saysI could be angry, hateful and bitter," "But I didn’t want to live my life that way. There was no way I could move on and live a happy life without forgiving Eric." 

Renee Napier, Mother Of Drunk-Driving Accident Victim Meagan Napier, Forgives DUI Killer Eric Smallridge. Huffington Post

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Apr 23 2012

Blessing in Disguise

Maybe you’ve experienced a time in your life where you thought the world as you know it was over.  You might have thought that you’d never get over this hurt, loss, mistake, but you did.  In the process you realized it brought you closer to God.

That’s what I like to call a “Blessing in Disguise”. 

It’s like the song from Laura StoryBlessings”.  She wrote the lyrics while sitting in her car, on the back of a receipt, after she found out as a newlywed that her husband had a brain tumor.

Got this note from Sally in Pittsburgh, about how that song helped her discover her “Blessing in Disguise”

“I have been struggling with a failed relationship and that I had made such a terrible mistake.  When I initially heard the song, “Blessings”, from Laura Story, I really just didn’t get it.  How could blessings come through raindrops?  I havebeen praying for God’s wisdom about the whole situation because it truly was keeping me up for “a thousand sleepless nights”.  Something clicked recently when I say “something”, I mean God finally got through this thick head of mine and I got what this song says!  By having the raindrops and tears which allowed me to grieve and heal, God got through and healed my heart to be open to what He has for me.  I feel such a release and that a burden has been lifted.  While I still feel badly about the breakup and that I caused hurt to someone, I am no longer buried under the guild.  God healed me through my tears.”

Tell me about a situation in your life that has been a blessing in disguise, on the right hand side of my page, for your chance to win Laura's album and book.  

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