Mar 02 2012

New Strength

When you exercise there’s that half way point on your walk or your run that you’re getting tired and your brain tells you to give up, quit early, turn around. 

But, if you just tap into your inner strength and push through that half way point, you exhaust your muscles, and the next day they’re stronger for it. 

Maybe you feel like this too, that that’s story of my life.  Constantly feeling like you are running up hill and trying to find new strength to get through the day.

I remember vividly the day my therapist said this to me.  “In 6 months, your life will look completely different.”

After I had faced the toughest year of my life and made a decision to move across the country and start over with my 3 children. 

I’m there now.  I’ve made it.  My life is completely different.  The initial excitement of the fresh new start, the new home, the new job has leveled off now.  We’re starting to get in a routine.  And every day I ask God for new strength. 

I could have run back home into the welcoming arms of family halfway through this adventure I’m on.  That was an option I pursued.  It would have been much easier to have the help and companionship, but God wanted something different. He wanted me to give me new strength.

I was at the halfway point of my life adventure, and instead of turning around I kept going forward.  I admit to praying for a “knight in shining armor” to come and save me from it all.  Turns out, I had that knight in shining armor all along.

And every morning I pray to Him and ask for new strength to keep moving forward and find joy in the process.

“Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.  They’ll soar on wings as eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not faint.” - Isaiah 40:31 

Would love to know about a time in your life where God gave you new strength to move forward in life...


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Mar 01 2012

The Moment

Can you remember the Moment you knew that this whole God thing was real? It's a moment that usually starts with a cry out to Jesus for help.

It’s like the tingle up your spine when you find your having your first child.  You know something big is feel this great unconditional love for someone you’ve never seen…and as time comes and the baby grows…so do you…

For me I was 9 years old…and I knew that I needed parents were getting divorced.  It’s a very similar story to an artist we are playing, Britt Nicole.

When Britt found out her parents were getting divorced, she ran to her room, grabbed her Precious Moment’s bible and began reading it.  She said, for the first time at that moment.  She knew that God was there.  The lyrics in her song say

You were there

You were always there

It was You and I

You’ve been walking with me all this time.  

What was your moment?

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