Jan 19 2012

Against All Odds

This might be a familiar scene around your house too…

While your cooking dinner for your family, kids sitting around the kitchen table doing their homework…

I remember that as a kid.  My mom somehow balancing it all while simultaneously setting up for taco night and helping me create the dreaded science project.

But, there’s one family in New York that looks forward to those homework nights and loves the science project.  It’s Samantha Garvey’s family. She’s one of those super smart kids.  At 17 years old she’s made it to the semifinals of the prestigious national Intel science competition.  Only 300 kids get to this place, and she was announced as one of the finalists last week.  She’s graduating soon.  She’s applied to Yale, but there’s a problem, she doesn’t know where to ask them to send the forms too.  She’s homeless.  Her family was evicted over the holidays.

When the community found out about her story, they came together, donated money, and found them a place to live.

Soon she will have that place to sit and do her homework…and hopefully fill out those enrollment forms for Yale, while her mom is cooking dinner.


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Jan 18 2012

Better Than Chocolate

It’s a simpler fix than you think…If you want to have less stress in your life.

I don’t know about you, but those self help lists online always get me.  Clicked on one yesterday that said “10 tips to distress your life”…Okay…I’ll take the bait…see what their ideas are…So empty…

So-called expert suggested to decrease stress and increase mindful meditation (whatever that means) in your life you should…

1.     Eat Chocolate

2.     Go for a Walk

3.     Take a 3 minute breathing space.

Okay, I never made it to next 7 steps.  I was yelling at my computer screen.  “Seriously?!”  This guy might not have real stress in his life.

When you’re facing money problems, marriage problems, health problems…popping a piece of chocolate and a 3 minute breathing space sounds ridiculous. 

It’s a temporary fix.  I can’t imagine facing stress like a relationship or health challenge without the only permanent fix in life, my Jesus. 

It might sound cheesy, you may be rolling your eyes at me right now.  But, I dare you to try it.  When life happens and it goes wrong you could try eating a piece of chocolate, or you could try talking to Jesus and asking for help. 

I do this sometimes when I get really worried about my future:  Imagine Jesus sitting at the edge of your bed, just talking to you, reminding you that that he has plans for your future, it’s good, and it’s filled with hope.  That he is for you and not against you, that he is not counting up your sins anymore, but he loves you just the way you are. 

I don’t know how to face stress in life without that relationship.  Guess I did find something that’s better than chocolate.

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