Jan 17 2012

No Cord Necessary

Certain monumental moments in life…like when you graduate from high school… walk down the aisle…when you have your first child…when that child takes his first step…

As a parent you see so many of those moments not with your own eyes, but through the lens of a camera.

You’ve got the Digital SLR Camera, and you closer to the action at a soccer game then the referees. You know kind of like the paparazzi stalk celebrities you stalk your family…you’re a Mamarazzi.  I’m one too and proud of it.

Problem is I’m a scrapbook challenged Mamarazzi…I have thousands of pictures in iPhoto and none in a book. 

If you’re nodding along, you might like this thing I saw online yesterday.

If you’re a Mamarazzi that has all your pictures stuck on your camera…check out the new eyefi SD card…it’s a memory card for your pictures that will automatically send them to your computer.  NO CORD NECESSARY…I always lose those anyway. 

Then, once they’re on your computer, there’s a new digital picture frame you can get that you email your pictures too!  Again NO CORD NECESSARY!  You can have the frame on your desk at work…and take a picture of your family on a weekend…email it to you frame and on Monday…there it is for you to brag to all your coworkers!

Check out Digitwirl.com

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Jan 16 2012

John 3:16

Maybe you saw it during the game over the weekend…or a friend sent it to you in an email…that’s how I found out.

This commercial during the Denver Broncos vs.New England Patriots Game…with just kids…reciting the bible verse, John 3:16

You know the one…For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

For some reason it meant more, because it came from children.  There was no other advertisement or product, just the bible verse.  Focus on the Family did the add. 

This whole thing of course has been inspired by Tim Tebow and how he puts that on those black things under his eyes…whether you like the guy, or not, it’s cool how one person can make such an impact. 

Because he had that verse on his face…90 million people searched John 3:16 in google…

Makes you realize if you just lovingly, show what you believe and not hide who you are… at your job, at your school, you make an impact. 

Someone did that for my family.  I remember my mom telling me a story about how she was down and depressed…sitting at a baseball game…and saw this women in front of her that seemed so happy.  My mom, got the guts up to ask her, “what makes you so happy?” 

In the stands of Wrigley field in Chicago…this lady boldly said, because I have Jesus in my heart…

Just be who you are…wherever you are…

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