Jan 16 2012

I Have a Dream Too

Today is more than just a day off, it’s a day to resurrect that dream. 

You might be home from work or school today, or home with the kids since they have the day off from school today to honor Martin Luther King Junior. You can use this day to have some fun, you could also use it to dream, and encourage others in their dream.  Just like that famous speech rallying for equality. 

Some of my favorite lines from that speech: 

“I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.”

Too often we let our own “difficulties” hold us back, stop us from moving forward.  Maybe you think you aren’t good enough, or your ruined. 

Not for this little girl from Wisconsin.  She could have grown up feeling worthless, not got enough and with no hope for a future.  See her Daddy was in prison. Instead of growing up defeated, she’s grown up to make a difference.  At 23 years old she wants to tell children who have parents in jail to feel less alone, to have mentoring and to pursue as much of a relationship with their parents as possible.  She’s going to do it.  This weekend was a major step in the right direction for Laura Kaeppeler.  She was crowed Miss America

She said the whole experience with her Dad…”taught us that God can turn anything into good if you let him.”

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Jan 13 2012

Don't "Fake it till you Make it"

Could be there was a time in your life that you feel like you didn’t fit in.  At school…at your office…maybe it was at church.

Unfortunately too often a church feels like that.   Like a “museum for the good people, when it should be a hospital for the broken”. 

There’s one of those YouTube videos going around today…about that issue.  K-LOVE’s Scott and Kelli talked about it the other day, I watched it last night and was in tears.

It’s a guy performing a modern poem talking about how Jesus is greater than the religion.  Warning you it will challenge you.  But, I like a good challenge.

I’ve been there.  I’ve pretended to have everything together…I remember walking into the doors of my church after my former husband had left the family…and pretending like he was just on another business trip. 

Because the last place that you should not have it all together is a church…right…no.  Eventually I had the guts to not “fake it” and be honest, and be broken, and get help. 

Another line in this poem/video/performance is,

When I was God’s enemy and certainly not a fan. He looked down and said I want, that, man."

You can’t clean yourself up enough, covering up how you or your family might not be the picture of perfection doesn’t help anyone.  Be honest.  Be broken.  So you get put back together.

If you feel like that, watch this guy’s video, and let me know what you think.

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