Jan 13 2012

Beautiful and Bald

To have someone that will fight for you…such a gift.  You might have had someone like that in your life.

Saw this story about a 12 year old little girl whose mother is fighting for her. 

She’s not taking no for answer, and she’s starting a grass roots effort on Facebook to give her daughter a toy that she can relate too. 

She wants Mattel to make a Bald Barbie

He daughter, Kim, has lost her hair this year in her battle with leukemia.  She’s 12 years old, and she wants a Barbie that looks like her. 

Kim’s mom Rebecca sent the idea to Mattel…but they said they’ve received letters saying they don’t accept ideas from outside sources. 

The idea was to use the doll to raise money for children’s cancer research. 

Barbie has been an astronaut, an architect, a NASCAR driver, why not a Bald Barbie

So far the Facebook page called “Beautiful and Bald Barbie” has 42,000 likes

Love this Mama Bear…fighting for her daughter.  Tell me who has fought for you...

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Jan 12 2012

Speak life and possibility

You probably have both of these kinds of people in your life.  The ones that complain about everything, and the ones that seem to find the bright side in every circumstance. 

A friend of mine said his new years resolution is to “speak life and possibility” into people’s lives.  I love that.  I think it starts at home.

Every night as a part of the bedtime routine with the kids I tell them what I am “most proud of them for” that day. Maybe it’s playing nicely with their siblings, or helping Mommy put away the groceries.  

For as much time as they spend in Time Out, they need me to tell them what they are good at too. 

I think, once we speak life and possibility into the lives of our children, they speak it into the lives of their friends, and the lives of their children, and their Grandchildren. 

If you’re searching for significance in your life, there it is right there.  It’s not about making a million dollars so you can give 10 percent of it away.  It’s about speaking life and possibility into the lives of the people that God puts in your path.  You’re his Good Will Ambassador at school, at work, in your car.

If you really want to change the way the world sees God, then more people hear the words, “I believe in you.” instead of “You’re not good enough.”

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