Feb 02 2012

Save the Children for Valentine's Day

You might love it…you might hate it…depends on your relationship status…I guess.

Valentine’s Day coming up.  I admit, I love it.  Not for the guy/girl relationship stuff, but because it's an opportunity to show others love. Not necessarily the romantic kind of love, but the unconditional love of God. Just by random acts of kindness.  A card.  A note.  Flowers. Make someone smile.    

I'd love to know your ideas on how you show God's love on Valentine's Day.  

Here's one I found.  If your kids need to buy Valentine's for their class at school, check these out from Save the children.  Proceeds help children in the US living in poverty with health and reading programs in poor neighborhoods and schools.  

Save the Children Valentine's Day

Instead of dreading the day or complaining about it, change it…use it as a day to show others God’s love.

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Feb 01 2012

Take The First Step

You can get so stuck in a routine sometimes that all of a sudden your turning the page on your calendar like today, and you wonder where did the time go?  How did it get to be February?

But there was so much more I wanted to do…

As I turned my calendar on my fridge this morning, coffee in hand, I picked up this little devotional book called, Daily Word. 

It made me feel better at the start of a new month.  Yes there is more that you and I want to do, and yes we can do it because God is on our side. 

“It's been said that every journey begins with a single step. If there is a step you need to take in my life right now, maybe moving forward in your work, relationship, or spiritual life.  Just take that step now.  Your step may be opening your heart to new ideas and possibilities, looking at creative avenues of self-expression, or opening it up to God, and what a relationship with Jesus really means.  Life is a journey of small steps. Some require great courage and strength. Some only require the desire to move forward and experience something new. Take that step now with faith in God and confidence in yourself."

 “Look, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.—Revelation 3:8

Time to walk through that open door.

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