Feb 01 2012

Your Parenting Bucket List

Thank you so much for your ideas!  Here is the list so far of your ideas on how to make the most out of the years that our children our at home with us, and still think we're cool.  It goes fast, make the most out of it!  Feel free to continue to add your ideas in the comment section!

Drive Cross-Country In a Winnebago

Build a Dollhouse

Find the Book that makes them love reading

Visit all 50 states

Take them to see the mountains

Build a Sandcastle

Make mud pies

Have a water balloon fight

Be there for them when their heart gets broken

See them stand up for what is right

Take them all on a real family vacation

Make sure your children are ready for Heaven

Read the Bible to your kids

Really listen to what they say and their reactions to things going on around them.

Take them on a weekend getaway on their own without siblings.

Go on a mission trip

Take them to Vote

Get baptized together

Make them Green Eggs and Ham

Make them pink waffles on Valentine’s Day

Take them to Yellowstone

Go Fishing

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Jan 31 2012

Parenting Bucket List

You hear it all the time, “they grow up so fast”, it’s a cliché.

Playing around on Pinterest last night, I saw where this woman had created a board of “stuff I should do with my kid before she’s old”.

It’s like a Bucket List of Parenting. Loved it. Things like take her to the Grand Canyon, build a Dollhouse, find the book that makes her love reading, be there when her heart gets broken, see them stand up for what is right.

Love this idea of not guessing through the process of parenting, but take is seriously, professionally.

It really has me thinking about making the most of the time I have. Funny though it’s not the big outrageous trip to Europe that’s on my list, but taking them to see my favorite spot overlooking Jenny Lake in Jackson Hole, ha ving a water balloon fight, making mud pies, most of all be there when they decide to follow Jesus.

Let’s create a Parenting Bucket List together. Maybe it’s stuff you want to do with your kids, or stuff you wish your parents would have done with you.

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