Jan 30 2012


They say it’s the hardest job you’ll ever have, raising up a child.  I seem to read constantly about ways to do it better.  This really hit me last night. 

I was reading about a Psychologist’s suggestions on the Essential Character Traits for Kids.

Faith.. This is important because our immediate circumstances will not always be to our liking. Faith gives a person hope.

Integrity. A person with integrity is honest, straight-forward, and consistent, no matter the circumstances. A person with integrity is wholly devoted to his principals and beliefs

Poise. Poise is the ability to remain calm when things around us are falling apart.

Self-discipline. This is what will save them when we are not around. This is what will keep them out of a world of pain and trouble.

Endurance. Endurance is the ability to stick with it and not give up.  Teach them, quitters never win, but winners never quit.

Courage. We often think of courage as not being afraid, but real courage is being afraid and doing the right thing anyway.  Having the courage to stand up for what is right will serve them well.

It’s a great list, but also overwhelming to think about how to teach them all of these traits. 

Then it hit me, your children will learn all of these things by watching you embody them.   

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Jan 28 2012

The Way You Were Made

You are not a mistake.  There’s nothing wrong with you, even if you are different.   Just like each of us has a different fingerprint, we all have a different lot in life, and a different skill set, some people call it purpose. 

Sue Kent was born a little different than you…but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.  She became a mother, and wanted to pursue a career in massage therapy.  Also had dream was to be part of the Paralympic games.

Sue is 49 years old…she is really talented at massage therapy…she does it different than others…she does it with her feet. 

And because of that she was just named as the official masseuse for the British team as they prepare and compete in the 2012 Paralympic  Games.

Why Paralympic games?  Why a masseuse using her feet? Well you see Sue was born, without arms. 

She didn’t let the way she was made stop her from pursuing her dreams, and you don’t have to either.

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