Dec 08 2011

O Christmas Tree, You Have Arrived

As you grow up…you start to realize that not everything has to be or will ever be perfect. 

Maybe you did this too when your just starting out in life you get so excited about decorating for Christmas, everything has to perfect, the tree is a showpiece with fragile ornaments, perfectly arranged. 

You show it off to anyone that comes over to the house.  Then you have a family and it all goes out the window. 

Realized that last night when our Christmas that I ordered online finally arrived.  The kids decorated the whole thing.  I just sat down and handed them candy canes, popcorn garland, and ornaments, and let them create their perfect tree. 

There’s one branch that has 8 candy canes on it, and you know what it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen.

You just gotta resist the urge to rearrange it and make it perfect while they’re sleeping. 

Whether it’s your Christmas tree or your life…It’s in the mess that you find perfection.

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Dec 07 2011

We All Do It...

Pearl Harbor by K-LOVE Radio

You can get so distracted with your own schedule, your problems, you forget a day like today…and what it means.

It was surprise, defeat, and the rise of common purpose from ashes.

Today is the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

I think younger generations didn’t understand this day until 9-11 another attack on American Soil…to know what we went through on that day…makes you understand what America went through then.

2,400 Americans died that day, and the generation of ordinary citizens… picked up Pearl Harbor’s fallen flag and fought to victory in World War II.

What a great example…they rose from the ashes.  You may not understand what it feels like to go through a war, but you probably understand what it feels like to all of a sudden find your life in a pile of ashes, and to decide to rise. 

So maybe you could pause today from your shopping and Christmas Card addressing and send a card to our troops fighting the war now. 

You can do that through the American Red Cross at

It’s called Holiday Mail for Heroes.


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