Jan 07 2012

Pursuit of Happiness

The U. S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.  -Benjamin Franklin ... 

You’ve heard the saying, money can’t buy happiness.  It’s hard to believe though, a million dollars could buy a lot of things that would be pretty fun, but it wouldn’t take away your broken heart.

Saw this thing that struck me, it basically said that money won’t buy you happiness in things, but you can use money to become happy.  If you use it in the right way.

This guy’s ideas were:

Spend it on what YOU like best. 

Don’t buy things to be competitive like to get a nicer car then your neighbor

Focus on Experiences

Buying things like a new expensive pair of jeans can be fun, but soon they wear out.  So instead of the jeans, go on a weekend getaway

Indulge in small pleasures regularly

Instead of saving for one big thing, just indulge in small things.   Forget the new Mac and go out to the movies more.

The only way you could use money to feel happier that would create a physical change in your brain was to:  GIVE IT AWAY. 

The guys in the white lab coats found that people who spend money on others are happier than those who only spend money on themselves. 

So Giving to charity, helping friends and family, actually triggers activity in your brain that is associated with receiving rewards. 

So you can use your money for good, and enjoy a little more happiness in your life…just spend it on others!

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Jan 06 2012

Last day of Christmas.

It's the last day of a long journey.  Today is called Epiphany, it’s the end of a long mysterious journey from the Magi/Wise men, the first Gentiles to meet Jesus. 

If Hollywood got a hold of the journey of the wise men, they would probably have lots of mishaps along the way.  Maybe their camel would break down, they might get lost in the desert.  And then the big payoff at the end, the Happily Every After Moment, would be sitting at the feet of Jesus.  If they would have known the hardship…would they still have embarked on the journey? 

Maybe you too can relate to one of those in your life.  Maybe you had an end in 2011…end of a relationship…loss of a loved one…and now you’re embarking on a new adventure…that you’re not quite sure what the end will look like. 

Saw this poem today called An Epiphany Blessing that might encourage you in your journey.

For Those Who Have Far to Travel

An Epiphany Blessing ~~Jan L. Richardson

If you could see the journey whole

you might never undertake it;

might never dare the first step

that propels you from the place

you have known

toward the place you know not.

Life is an adventure with all kinds of mishaps along the way… I’m so glad that we don’t know what’s next…because if we did, we might never take the first step. 

If someone had told me on my wedding day, that I’d end up raising 3 kids on my own, I wouldn’t have taken that step, and I would have missed out.

Your Happily Ever After Hollywood Moment…when you live through your mishaps with God on your side, isn’t at the end of aisle at a church, but in Heaven, where he promises ”One day…he will wipe every tear away from your eyes.”

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