Nov 18 2011

You're not "just a..."

Maybe there’s a time in your life that you got “a case of the justa’s”…for example…I’m just a kid…or I’m just a mom…what difference can I make.

Saw this story about Rachel.  She went to a meeting about Haiti…and found out that children there were so hungry that they ate cookies made of mud and so poor that they slept in houses made of cardboard. 

After hearing that she didn’t just want to help, she HAD to help.  She didn’t let all the other things she had to do, or any limitations in her life stop her from having bake sales, asking for donations at homecoming, and selling her own homemade potholders.   She talked about it on her Facebook page and through word of mouth a cherry farm in Washington sent her their proceeds from a harvest. 

In 3 years she collected more than $250,000 and has built 27 homes in Haiti. 

Rachel is 12 years old.  She started this when she was 9 after her mom, took her to the meeting. 

You’re not just a kid…or just a mom…you’re a human being that can make a difference. 

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Nov 17 2011

Embrace The Crazy

Maybe you feel like this too…just not a big fan of unsolicited advice.

That’s why when I see those “tips” written by well meaning people who think they know better than you about how they think you should have Thanksgiving, …it’s insulting.

Saw one of those “lists of tips” today called

“How to have a Sane Thanksgiving"

1. Don't cook it all yourself!

Okay this is not a new idea…churches have done this for century’s…the Lord’s supper was probably a pot luck.  We got this.

2. Get a head start.  Cook some things ahead.
Sure so instead of spending one whole day in the kitchen…you spend every night for a week cooking and cleaning.  I don’t know about you, but I have other things going on in life.

3. Keep the kids out of the kitchen.
HA!  Or put them to work! Tasks like carrying coats to the bedroom and making place cards are easy for little hands. Okay…that will busy my kids for about 30 seconds.  They also suggested having the older children teach the younger ones the story of Thanksgiving and then put on a play (if I did that as a kid my sister and I would totally fight about who got to be a pilgrim), or start a game of hot potato with a mini pumpkin.  Sure. Great way to get things broken and pumpkin goo all over the clean floor.

Thanksgiving isn’t sane, and that’s okay.  Embrace the crazy.  When the kids are wild, put on a movie, when crazy Uncle Joe starts telling his inappropriate stories again, laugh, be thankful for family.  When something is burned or dropped on the floor, smile, knowing that’s what your kids are going to remember. 

Sane Thanksgivings are boring.  If your family is anything like mine, The insane Holiday like the year mom got mad at Dad when he dropped the turkey on the floor while carving it, those are things we remember fondly and relive around the Thanksgiving table laughing…  Pure Joy.


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