Nov 22 2011

Get Out of Jail Free Card

They say there’s “no place like home.”  Maybe that’s the way you feel and you can’t wait to get there for Thanksgiving.  Or maybe you’re nervous about going home.

There’s no one who knows you better than your family. That can be a good thing, and then it can be a tough thing because they know it all…the successes and the failures. 

Read this from the Daily Word today and it encouraged me: 

“Whatever the current dynamic in your family…remain open and willing to love unconditionally.  If there is disharmony or strife, bring those concerns to prayer.  Acknowledge your own role and has for God’s help to guide you.  Act in wise ways with love and understanding. 

Even when you don’t understand everyone’s actions or attitudes, you can see your family as children of God, expressions of God’s love.”

So whether it’s something you’ve done and you’re nervous to face your family, or maybe someone has done something to you and you haven’t been able to let it go. 

Maybe this year you can let it go.  God does for you and for them. 

Sit down and play monopoly together and give everyone a “Get out of Jail Free” card.

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Nov 21 2011

Identity Shift "OMO"

It's not that bad after all to go out to a restaurant to eat on your own.  


Maybe you’ve been through an identity shift in your life.  Maybe it’s when you become an empty-nester, or you go back to work after staying at home with the kids.  Maybe you move and start a new school and you get to be something else. 



Had one of those quiet weekends and my house…the sunshines, my kids, when to be with their Dad for Thanksgiving, and I found myself in the quiet.  At first it was really uncomfortable, I started turning on tv’s and radios, I needed noise. 


I realized, the need to discover who you are on your own.  Away from the roles you play in life.  Away from spouse.  Away from parent, even away from friend.  To learn just how to be on your own.  To go to dinner on your own.  To go to a movie on your own.  Got a new term for these times.  OMO...or on my own.


After about an hour of creating noise in my home, I decided to go out to breakfast and enjoy the quiet.   To Be Still as God says. 


Turns out, I kind of like creating this new identity,  I could learn something new.  Maybe I’ll learn how to play the piano or something, or just sleep.


Couple benefits of OMO lifestyle I'm learning...the house stays clean, and I get to carry a much smaller purse.


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