Nov 19 2011


Maybe you’ve had one of those…take your breath away…fleeting moments of pure fear and panic...everything is okay, but for a moment it wasn’t.

Had one of those last night.

Typical routine at my house, before I go to bed I peek in the kid’s room and check on them.  I tiptoe into baby Zoe’s room and peek into the crib, if I’m brave enough, I’ll lean down and kiss her cheek.

Than into the big kid’s room that they share…looked at my 5 year old, Emily, the only time she is ever still, sleeping on her unicorn pillow pet…

And then Andy…where’s Andy?  Rip off the comforter…no Andy…look in his sister’s bed again…no Andy.  Look in my bed…NO ANDY…panicking running through the house now…checking closets and cabinets NO ANDY…wondering can he unlook the door? Would he have snuck outside? 

Ran back upstairs to do a second check…look under the bunk beds… 

Andy…curled up with the dust and his security blanket.  SIGH OF RELIEF! 

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Nov 18 2011

Raising Kids like a Man

Turns out they do know a thing or two about raising kids… 

Maybe you’ve done this too…especially women…you think the guys can’t do it as well.  Just saying the truth…

Instead of empowering the guys and encouraging them to spend more time with family…women can make them feel inadequate…by giving them way too many instructions…and then guys never want to help again.

They do it their way anyway, especially carpool.  It’s different , but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  If women criticize the way they do it, they’ll never help again.

Saw this thing written by a Stay at Home Dad, and how he took the kids to the grocery store…the bane of my existence. 

Here’s how this guy does it:  He doesn’t spend more than 15 minutes in any store…it takes me 15 minutes just to get in the store.   He puts the kids in the front of the car cart…and flies down the aisles while the kids yell FASTER DADDY FASTER! 

His record is $71 worth of groceries in 11 minutes…and that was going back for peanut butter.

If I am going to make up for not having Dad around all the time for my kids…gotta give them less pampering and more adventure. 

I doubt many moms have experienced how those car carts handle at high speeds…I think I’m about too...who cares what people think…

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