Dec 09 2011

Toys You Shouldn't Get

You see all these lists this time of year for the best toys to get for your kids…

They always make me laugh…lets make our own list today…the TOYS NOT to get kids.  Join in on my Facebook Page and come back here to tell me what you think…

Let me explain

You know how before you’re a parent you get kids maybe nieces and nephews fun loud obnoxious big toys for Christmas…and then once you become a parent…and you realize what you have done…you’ve just lost a friend.

Toys you shouldn’t get for the kids in your life..

Anything that could be a weapon…because mom’s the target

A giant stuffed animal that you have no where to store

100 piece puzzles…nuff said

The loud rock and roll tickle me elmo

I know when someone doesn’t like me…they get a board game for to play with my small children…

They don’t not only play by the rules, they don’t understand there are rules.

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Dec 08 2011

O Christmas Tree, You Have Arrived

As you grow up…you start to realize that not everything has to be or will ever be perfect. 

Maybe you did this too when your just starting out in life you get so excited about decorating for Christmas, everything has to perfect, the tree is a showpiece with fragile ornaments, perfectly arranged. 

You show it off to anyone that comes over to the house.  Then you have a family and it all goes out the window. 

Realized that last night when our Christmas that I ordered online finally arrived.  The kids decorated the whole thing.  I just sat down and handed them candy canes, popcorn garland, and ornaments, and let them create their perfect tree. 

There’s one branch that has 8 candy canes on it, and you know what it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen.

You just gotta resist the urge to rearrange it and make it perfect while they’re sleeping. 

Whether it’s your Christmas tree or your life…It’s in the mess that you find perfection.

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