Nov 28 2011

Go All In

You probably know what it feels like to be teased, made fun of.  If you have a pulse, you’ve been ridiculed. 

Certain things you can brush off, maybe it’s being teased about your forgetfulness, or your cooking skills, I’m realistic.

But certain things are off limits.  Like for me, it’s my clothes, don’t make a comment about my outfit.  For others, maybe it’s what you believe.  There’s a guy that’s pretty well known for how he displays his faith and he’s being teased for it, and he doesn’t care. 

Talking about the young quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow.  He prays on the field, he gives God credit for everything in his life in news conferences.  The guy won’t stop talking about God in public and showing his faith on the field.  Some people say it’s too much.  I say, why aren’t we all like that. 

If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, that you can live forever with him in paradise, and that while you’re here living in this tough world he will hold on to your right hand and lead you through it, I think you would feel like taking every chance you have talking about how God has gotten you through things life, has loved you anyway. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling challenged.  If you’re going to take up this mission of believing in Jesus, Go all in.   Take every chance you have to talk about God, to let others see you praying and reading your bible.  Don’t worry about if people think your weird, maybe next time they have a crisis in their life, they’ll turn to you, and you can turn them to God.

Our world is too broken for us to hide.

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Nov 26 2011

Mission Impossible

The Christmas Card.  You get matching outfits for the family, you might even get a photographer.  You get your hair done.  It's the perfect plan, that always goes wrong.  

Little Jimmy gets a black eye, mom starts to cry, and then quick everyone pretend say CHEESE!  

Maybe you've had the epic family photo too.  Just once in life I'd like to see people use the outtakes from the family photo shoot on the front of the Christmas Card.  Now that's real life.

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