Nov 04 2011

You Are What You Order

I have this theory.  What (and how) you order at Starbucks tells a lot about you.  

Whenever I have the fortunate opportunity to meet some of the great Christian artists that inspire us all, I typically open up with this question, "What do you order at Starbucks, and how do you order it?"  It loosens them up, we have some fun, and I get to anaylze themknow what drink to have ready for them next time they are in town!  

Here are some of the artists that I've asked this question of:

Luke Smallbone from For King & Country

"Grande Latte" and if he's hungry gets an oatmeal.  In the fall he orders a "Grande White Mocha Half Sweet"

What that Says about Luke: 

To me this means he is low maintenance, probably drives you a very practical car.  (He actually drives a 2002 Ford Taurus)

Yet, he's not fazed by change in life.

Joel Smallbone from For King & Country

 Mighty Mango Naked Drink  

He understand that there are rules, he just does not think they applies to him.  He says the only person that can tell him what to do.  God, and his Mom.  


Green Tea with 4 splendas

She is just so sweet and kind...that sometimes it gets the best of her, she can easily give too much of herself.  

Chris Tomlin


Seriously, I asked him this years ago and he gave me a look like "this does not compute".  He is so immersed in living and serving, he doesn't have a Starbucks drink!  Maybe the years have been better to him and next time he will have an answer to my question!


What about you?  Yesterday, we asked you what you ordered at's my take on some of your answers:

Venti caramel lite frappcuchino

A little conflicted.  Not sure if you want to go for it all, or hold back.  All in with the "Venti", but holding back with the "lite"...but enjoys a little indulgence now and then.

Mocha frappacino when its hot out, salted caramel mocha when its cold

Likes to be "with it".  Wants to be in the know, in the now.  Tries very hard to be in style.  I bethca he has a Men's Fitness magazine on his bedside table or she has a Woman's Fitness magazine on her bedside table.  Either that or watches a lot of the Food Network.

Venti caramel frapp with extra caramel whip cream and a dash of cinnamon

Loves the finer things in life.  Probably carries a designer bag.  She has killer shoes!

Sorry don't touch Starbucks. I'm a Peet's Girl.

She shuns the way everyone else does things and must go her own way. She's one of those "march to the beat of a different drummer" kind of gals.  Must do the opposite of everyone else!

Tripe venti caramel machiatto and they usually throw in the quad shot 

You knows everyone.  Everywhere you go you run into someone you know.  Life of the party.  Everyone wants to be your friend.

On any normal day, caramel frap, grande. In the fall, salted caramel mocha or pumpkin spice latte.  And in November, peppermint venti frap, or an eggnog frapp.

Change your mind like you change you coach bag every season.  :-)

Soy Cafe Misto with 1 Splenda.  ask for it, try it, buy it!

You know exactly what you want and you usually get it.  Always the first person at a restaurant to order and recommends the perfect/best dish to everyone else at the table!

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Nov 03 2011

Getting To Know You

Getting to know For King and Country, our featured artist.

A little about them by their Starbucks order.

Mom said...and the meaning to their name.

Tell me your Starbucks order so I can get to know you on here or Facebook.

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