Oct 31 2011

I Believe In You

The best thing you can do for the ones you love is to believe in them. 

You just wonder what Steve Job’s mom thought when he wanted to quit college to build this thing called a computer.

My Dad reminded me of this the other day when I was complaining about how independent and strong my 5 year old daughter, Emily, is and how it’s a challenge to parent her.    He told a story about parenting me as a child.  I have a feeling we’re similar.

He told me that when I was about 3, I heard on the radio about kids getting ready for the first day of school and I wanted to go.  So my parents played along got me a Looney Tunes lunchbox and a new outfit. 

When the morning came, I packed a lunch, walked out the door down the steps of our big front porch, crossed a very busy street and and headed down the sidewalk. I was going to school, but I was not old enough yet. 

I don’t think my parents thought I would follow through with it.  They had to talk me down.  I screamed and cried “NO I’M GOING TO SCHOOL!”  I think that was the year they decided to send me to preschool early.

My dad said, "you haven’t changed and Emily won’t either.  He said, "kids aren’t robots, they’re going to want to do things you think are crazy…just believe in them and they just might accomplish some amazing things."

Probably like when I told my dad this year, "hey dad I'm gonna move across the entire country for a new job with 3 kids by myself and start over.'  My dad said, "okay, I’ll help you pack."

How has your parents or someone believing in you changed your life?

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Oct 29 2011

MaMa Bear

Amanda Carroll MaMa Bear by K-LOVE Radio

You ever think to yourself, "someone should do something about that." I don’t know about you, but I tend to be that someone, and get in so much trouble. 

I gotta hand it to this mom of 4 in the Phoenix area.  She thought the playground at her McDonalds was too dirty.  So she went public with it.

She also happens to be an Arizona State Professor.  Erin found trash, used band-aids and dangerous bacteria then she actually took videos, posted them online, and did lab tests. 

Now, the owner of the group of McDonalds in the Valley area banned her from their restaurants.   They called her a mom-crusader and it’s spreading.  Other mom’s are saying, they will take swabs for her!

I think it’s time for a new term. I like "MaMa Bear:" someone who doesn’t just think someone should do something about that, she is that someone.  She is the one that points out injustice and changes the world. 

Wonder what you could go all MaMa Bear on?  I’d like to see fast food restaurants put a lid on kids milk.  Seriously why is that every other drink at fast food places has a lid and straw, except the kids milk. 

If you ever have experienced spilled chocolate milk all over a car seat you’d go all “MaMa Bear" too.

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