Oct 25 2011

When a man, loves a woman. When God, loves you.

Maybe you heard about that earthquake in Turkey over the weekend, a 7.2.  They say 264 people so far have lost their lives and there is still a frantic search effort.

One man in love with his fiancé has spent 18 hours straight looking for his love in the rubble.  His 25 year old fiancé Gul, is a teacher, she was eating at a restaurant when the earthquake struck. 

As soon as it happened, Eryasar, tried to reach his love, but when he couldn’t he knew she was in trouble.  He rushed to find her.  He became an investigator, interviewing her friends and colleagues and learned where she had gone out to lunch that day when the quake hit. 

Finding the restaurant in the dark, he shouted out her name and persuaded one of the rescue teams to help him start digging through the rubble. 

He said, “All I want is for her to live, I don’t care if she is injured or not, It doesn’t matter, I just want her alive.” 

After 18 hours of digging and calling out her name, he got his wish.  He found her alive and rode in the ambulance with her to the hospital. 

Now that is love.   I imagine that’s what God does for us when we stray from Him.  The bible says He leaves the 99 to go after the 1 lost sheep.  Maybe he cries out your name,  and digs for you, but doesn’t care how damaged you are.  He loves you, just the way you are!

Story here: Fiance saves woman from beneath quake's rubble TODAY.com

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Oct 24 2011

Heaven is for Real

You know that feeling of finishing a great book?  It is such a great feeling to read the last page and then close it but then you’re sad that’s it’s over. 

It’s rare for me to find the time to read a whole book, with 3 little kids, but I had a break over the weekend and finished the book “Heaven is for Real”. 

They say it’s a true story of a little boy, Colton, who has a near death experience and goes to heaven, sits on Jesus’ lap, meets his Great Grandfather, even his sister from his mother’s miscarriage and then through the prayers of his parents survives by a miracle. 

He then over the next several years talks about Heaven and what it’s like as well as what he saw.  His parents started writing it down.

I loved it so much because I felt like I was getting answers to questions I’ve always wondered about heaven.  Will we really get to see our loved ones?  Well in this book, this boy did. 

The book did more then answer questions for me.  It made me feel closer to Jesus.   Over the course of the years, Colton’s parents asked him what Jesus looked like.  They showed him lots of pictures, and he would always tell them what was wrong with the pictures. Until, they heard about a little girl that had a similar near death experience and painted a picture of the Jesus she saw.  They showed that to Colton, and he said "that’s Him." 

Now I’m bummed that book is over, maybe I’ll just read again.  Tell me about a book you read that you finished but long to read again.

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