Oct 03 2011

The Best is Yet to Come

I don't know about you, but I can get consumed in worrying and fretting about the future.  Laying awake at night worrying.

“Will I have enough saved to send my kids to college? 

Am I doing the best for my children?

Will I have a companion to spend life with?”

What is the purpose of worrying about tomorrow?

God tells us to have "faith like a child."  Matthew 18:3 "Truly I say to you, Unless You turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens."

But, what does that mean for us, today?   

All my children understand is NOW.  Not yesterday or tomorrow, but TODAY.  Their biggest concern is will they get to play with a friend TODAY?  Will they get cookie dough ice cream after dinner TONIGHT?  There's no worrying about tomorrow, just living for TODAY.  

Oh I get it!  Don't look towards the future; we don’t know what it holds.  Instead look to our past to see God's fingerprints.  Then you will know He will provide for you tomorrow.

Over this past year, I waited on God, I felt Him telling me to "Be Still" until he told me "it's time to move."  So, I moved, started fresh in life, moved from the east coast to the west coast, and started my dream job.  So now what, I wonder.  What's next God?  What now?  

My children don't think like that.  

They were embracing our move with reckless abandon.  Happy.  Healthy. Looking forward to an adventure.  I was scared to death and trying desperately trying to hide it.

As I look back I see God's fingerprints all over my life.  God put me in this beautiful neighborhood with beautiful supportive friends so I would be safe when my life fell apart.   He knew.  Now that I look back, everything makes so much sense. He provided a safety net.  There's no way I could have planned for that.

Live in the NOW, be thankful for the past, and don’t worry about your future.

Tell me what moments in your life can you see God's fingerprints on?

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Sep 30 2011

Music I Love

Check out some of the music that I've been listening to, including "Waiting Here For You" by Christy Nockels and "Take Me Into The Beautiful" by Cloverton. What are some your favorites on K-LOVE?

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