Sep 30 2011


You've probably heard the saying "It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." Epictetus

But, to literally see it in action is a whole other ballgame.  

Tell me your story, about circumstances that you have overcome.

Like Julia Sullivan.  She's 16 years old and lives in Nebraska.  Her dream like many teenage girls was to make the cheerleading squad at her high school.  She tried out 3 times, but never made it.   She still isn't going to give up.  Her story of perseverance in midst of tough circumstance made the news in her hometown. A cheerleading coach 800 miles away heard her story and decided to do something about it.  She gave her a spot on her cheerleading squad on the biggest night of the year, Homecoming, in Michigan.  

Her dedicated parents flew there just for that one game so their daughter, Julia, could fulfill her dream of becoming a cheerleader.  She wore a modified cheerleading uniform made just for her, cheered on the sidelines from her wheelchair, and was the star of the final stunt.  You see Julia was born without arms and legs.  

She says, “I love to get the crowd going, and I’m just excited to show the world what I can do,” 

Way to go Julia.   I don't know about you, but when you see someone like Julia pursuing her dream relentlessly not letting anything limit her it makes you want to show the world what you can do too.

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Sep 29 2011

"It is Good to Share"

“Mommy Why?”

Maybe you struggle to answer the stream of “why” questions that come from your kids too.  I seem to get the most when I’m driving in the car. 

Why’s that man standing on the road?  Why is he dirty?  Why is he holding up that sign?  What does it say?  

How do you explain homeless to a 5 and 3 year old?

I looked to one of our favorite books we read before bed, called "The Rainbow Fish"

"The Rainbow Fish" is a little book with a BIG message

It is a story about the most beautiful fish in the sea. The Rainbow Fish thought he was too beautiful to play with the other fish. He had beautiful shiny scales on his body and he was very proud of them. The other fish asked him to share his scales so that they might be beautiful too. The Rainbow Fish said "no" and treated them with disdain, so the other fish swam away. He became lonely and sad.

One day The Rainbow Fish felt so lonely and sad he asked the advice of the wise octopus. The wise octopus suggested if he shared his beautiful scales with the other fish he might discover the true source of happiness.

So he gave away most of his scales to the other fish, he was no longer the most beautiful fish in the sea but it didn't matter because he was happy.

The Rainbow Fish learned the joy of sharing. 

Sitting at the stoplight, I reminded the kids that it doesn’t really make you happy to keep everything to yourself and not share your toys, snacks or the piggy banks. 

The next thing my son Andy said was, “mama I think I want to give that man my granola bar.”   That was BIG!   For Andy, his most prized possession is food. I was so proud.  I rolled down his window in the backseat, a little scared hoping this man would be safe, and let Andy share his granola bar.  

I also realized I shouldn’t be holding on so tightly to all my shiny things.  

Tell me what kinds of questions your kids ask you and what you've learned from it. Share here or on my Facebook Page.

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