Sep 22 2011

“Anything is Possible. Anything Can Be.”

Maybe you remember these too:

A Light in the Attic

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I can still see the black and white cover with the pencil drawing on those Shel Silverstein poetry books that I read as a kid.  Maybe you did too. 

He’s gone now, but today some of his unpublished works have been put in print in a new book called “Every Thing On it”.  So now your kids can enjoy his poetry as much as you did.

Maybe you had a book from childhood that you still remember and inspired you. 

I remember my favorite line that still inspires me today from him was,  “Anything is possible.  Anything can be.”

I want my kids to grow up believing that.  I want to grow up believing that.  

Another one for me is “The Little Engine That Could”.  It’s a favorite at our house. 

You want to protect your family from hurt and pain, but you know eventually they will encounter broken hearts and face long painful journeys.  Then there are the people who might say to them, “you can’t.”   

When life gets hard, when the pain feels too much to bear, I want them to say, ”I Think I Can.  I Think I Can.”  “Anything is possible.  Anything can be.

And one day I will say and they will say,   “I knew I could."  

God is by my side for the whole journey and he’s by yours too.

Tell me what Children’s Book made an impact on you.

Shell Silverstein: a new collection, 12 years after his death. "Every Thing On It.

Chicago Woman Loses 135 Pounds to Give Her Brother a Kidney. abc WORLD NEWS

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Sep 21 2011

Out of Our Ashes, We Rise

"Family means putting your arms around each other and being there."

You hear it all the time, maybe you say it out loud.  Things are not the way they used to be.  The picture of the American family is changing.

I saw this thing called “Unmarried America”, it surprised me.

"One out of every two women in America is unmarried.

For the first time in our history, married couples make up fewer than half of American households, a fact the New York Times called "a milestone in the evolution of the American family toward less traditional forms.

The biggest change in the last decade was the jump in households headed by women without husbands -up by almost 20 percent between 2000 and 2010.

The poverty rate for all women rose to an historical high in 2010 --14.5 percent the poverty rate for single mothers climbed to an astronomic 40.7 percent in 2010. Today, more than half of all poor children live with single mothers." (Recognizing "Unmarried America" on

It makes me wonder, what is going on?  Why are families so broken?

I think it’s an opportunity to make a difference.  We can’t pretend this isn’t happening or ignore it.  This is a chance for people who love God and know he can put the broken back together again to stand up. 

As single parent myself I find it really difficult to get involved in church although there are all kinds of bible studies for women.  Primarily because they are either during the day while I’m working or at night without childcare.  Just to go it would cost me $50 per night.  It makes me feel like they want to pretend women like me don’t exist.  We do and it is about half of America right now.

From our brokenness, we rise.  I don’t know about you, but I think this is a great opportunity to serve the broken and hurting families.   America may be failing at the whole marriage thing but there are some people that know how to do it right.      

You see it often in history that out of our failures come our greatest successes.  What ashes are you rising out of? 

Restoring belief in the American Dream

When you look at the numbers of the national debt, and unemployment it can be overwhelming. No one person can fix the problem, but a single family can make a difference.  Here's a story of how two families are working together to restore hope that the American Dream is still alive.

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