Sep 16 2011



Maybe you’ve been in this kind of situation, feeling like a fish out of water, like you don’t belong.  You have two choices, 1) fight for your spot or 2) just swim away.  I chose to fight. 

I felt like this yesterday at my first Parent Teacher Association meeting.  I’m just starring this whole public school thing.  My oldest, Emily, is in Kindergarten.  Since I can’t volunteer during the day, I thought why not join the PTA and help out that way. 

OH MY GOODNESS!  This is competitive.  Enter the “mompetitors”.

I sat at the table, feeling like I was back in high school, sitting at the cheerleader table when I was the one that didn’t make the squad. 

I realized I had two choices, 1) sit there and not say a word or 2) speak up so I spoke up.

I got into the competitive spirit of “who-can-do-more” thing.  Now, I’m afraid I have signed up for too much!  It’s supposed to be all about helping the teachers and administrators right?  Oh I had that wrong. 

I admit to being the tough kid back in school.  My parents had to tell me to back off when I played soccer.  They had to explain to me that to get the ball away from the other kids that I didn’t have to knock them down.  I just don’t like being pushed around.  When I get pushed, I push back.  It’s not pretty. 

I realized several things at that meeting; I have a lot to learn about Elementary School politics and I’m still trying to figure out where I fit, just like high school.

I guess you never really do get out of high school…


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Sep 15 2011

Life's Not A Fairy Tale...Or Is It?

Do you ever think, now where is that Fairy God Mother that Cinderella had? I could use a little Bippity Boppity Boo today.

Maybe you’ve felt like this too, that the fairy tales you read as a kid set you up for disappointment in life.

Thought about that last night when my kids and I were all cuddled up on the couch watching Snow White, reliving my childhood through their eyes.

I thought, is this really the right thing for my daughter to learn?  That all will be okay when her Prince Charming comes. 

Emily is 5 and has all the dress up gowns and loves crowns and I tell her she’s a child of God so she’s a real princess, but at the same time I want to prepare her for when life isn’t a fairy tale.  That it’s not the Fairy God Mother that you wish for.

When people hurt you…you have to get back up, with a faith in God not man, because God’s help doesn’t expire at midnight and with him your carriage doesn’t turn into a pumpkin.


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