Sep 14 2011

Be the Person You want Your Children To Be

I don’t know about you, but so far in life…the hardest thing I’ve done…is being a parent…a job that will never be done.

But, just like anything in my life, I never do anything halfway.  I will tackle this will full force.  I like to call myself a Professional Parent.  Not because I'm an expert or have it all figured out, but because I want to take it seriously.  My children deserve it, and so do yours. 

Think about your Job…you go to school for it…you dress up and look your best for your job, prepare for meetings…you make agendas and spreadsheets and you read up on how to be the best at what you do.  

I think the same should be for parenting. Go to classes, read everything, take it seriously.  And be a good example appearance wise...I want my daughters especially to learn how to care well for themselves.  They need to see mommy in things other than sweats. 

Don’t just guess. We're not just raising children, we are raising adults.  

The latest thing I read on parenting was one of those lists of do’s and don’ts. Things like:

  • Let your child hate you…part of growing up is being mad at your parents.
  • Children need to struggle sometimes fall down…so they can learn to pick themselves back up.  Literally and figuratively.

The One that stunned me: "Be the person you want your child to be."

They wrote, "The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  Your child is watching you all the time…absorbing what you say and what you don’t say…how you react, how you treat people, how you behave.  Modeling is the most powerful teacher."

So I made a list, who I need to be, so my children will grow up to be strong, healthy, love God, and serve others

I need to eat they will.

I need to they will.

I need to they will give.

I need to they will pray.

I need to care for they will care for others.

I need to go to they go to church.

I need to care for my they will care for themselves. 

If I want them to follow and love God…they have to see me do it.

“A young mind is like jello…you got to put in the good stuff before it sets. "

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I want to be Wonder Woman.  Hope she will be better dressed!

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Sep 13 2011

Oh Jackie O

When you feel like you’re at the end of your rope…you what they say, “tie a knot and hang on!”

Just when you like life as you know it is over…it moves on. 

Maybe you’ve seen all the news about the Jackie Kennedy tapes and the new book that has just been released today.  It’s all over the place.  Big special on ABC News tonight about it.  It’s her voice…recordings made by a historian that they just released on her opinion on history and happenings in the White House while her husband was President.  I found it interesting her take on the Cuban Missle Crisis.  She refused to leave the White House.  She stayed by her husband’s side…at the time…the whole country thought life as they knew it was over…they were prepared to die.

It reminded me of 9-11.  Those days and weeks right after…we thought life as we knew it was over…that another attack could happen at any moment…that we would never be the same…but life went on and we recovered.

We recover from those life changing events…even when at the time we think we won’t ever get over it.  I think about driving your first child home from the hospital.  You’re in a daze driving so slow wondering why everyone else is in such a hurry.  Don’t  they know that you have the most important person in the world in your backseat. 

Or…I remember the day my marriage broke apart, I remember thinking how can I ever smile again…how are people happy…how dare they?

But, we do get over it.  Sometimes those events are tragic in our lives and like Jackie Kennedy we think we won’t survive, but we always do.  At first you have to take life in small chunks during a crisis.  Hour by hour…day by day…than finally week by week…than 6 months goes by and life is 


We didn't think we would make it through the Cuban Missle Crisis…9-11…but we did.  And you can get through your crisis too.  It's better if you do it with God holding your hand.

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