Feb 27 2014

Find Your Point of Failure

You might think that failure is bad. 

You might try to live your life so safe that you never fail. 

What if you’re missing out by doing that? 

CrossFit has completely changed my attitude about failure. The goal of most CrossFit workouts (WOD’s) is to find your point of failure. 

We celebrate when someone works so hard they can’t possibly do one more pull-up or lift 5 more pounds, because that means they left nothing on the table. They found out how strong they are. 

If you found failure in your life, congratulations!  You have discovered how strong you are and where you need to improve.  

I fail everyday at CrossFit, but I go back the next day to try do better. When someone beats my score by one rep, I'm frustrated, but I do better and work harder the next time. 

I think that’s a lot like what God’s asks from us.  I haven’t found a verse yet that says “thou shalt be safe.”  I read a lot about not being afraid though. 

"Have I not commanded you, declares the Lord, to be strong and courageous for the Lord Your God goes with you wherever you go." -Joshua 1:9

Lord, help us to find our point of failure in living our lives for You. Let us leave nothing left on the table, so we can spend eternity with You knowing that we did everything we could to bring more of Your children with us. 

Feb 14 2014

Broken Down Jesus Girls

"God, what do you do with the broken down Jesus girls?" 

Speaker and Author, Angela Thomas,  says that's what she cried out to God  after going through a divorce. Today, she shared with us about how she began to fully understand the Father's love for the broken, and poured her heart out to encourage you this Valentine's Day. 

Sweetheart or no sweetheart today, I know you fill find encouragement and strength in this interview.  She shares about how to make Valentine's special with your kids, and how to get through the day if you are heartbroken. If you have a friend who is feeling lonely, please share with them.