Nov 04 2013

You are His Favorite

You might think this is kind of egotistical, for you to say this about yourself.  But it’s true.  

I had the privilege of attending the Women of Faith Conference in Seattle over the weekend. (You might remember we gave away a Girls Getaway Trip on the air! I got to go and host our winners.) 

One of the speakers, Pastor Judah Smith, from The City Church in Seattle, talked about how the disciple, John, would always call himself; “The One Jesus Loves."  Judah made a joke about how it must have been annoying that he gave himself that nickname, like he was the favorite of all the disciples, self-appointed!  

Judah’s point was that we all are!  For Jesus to die so that you wouldn’t face God’s judgement, and NOT be held accountable for all your mistakes, wow, You are His favorite. He LOVES You!

He encouraged the women in the room to write it on our mirrors, the same phrase that John used.  

“I am the One He loves.”  

Don't laugh.  I did it.  As soon as I got home I put it on my mirror, and the mirror in my children's bathroom. I can't be the only woman that struggles with feeling loved.  As a single mother with 3 young children, sometimes you question if you're just damaged goods. Single moms often wonder if it's possible that anyone would love you enough plus your children.  I realized yes, there is someone.  He's always been there, and He will never leave me. Thank you my Jesus... 

It really changes the outlook of your day when that’s the first thing you see when you wake up… 

Oct 29 2013

A Year Later

It’s weird these anniversaries that you hear about in the news. 

We mark on calendars the bad stuff that happens and then relive it a year later. You might see that happening in the news today.  It’s the year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. 

So I went on a search this morning to find some good news about it a year later.  Found this:

“Sand covered the streets, houses were off foundations, trucks were upended,” City Council President Scott Mandel told WCBS 880′s Mike Xirinachs. “It looked like the ending of a very bad war movie.”

“I think the most significant moment for me was when I saw approximately 14 feet of our boardwalk, with railing still attached, sitting in the Waldbaums parking lot which is a good six blocks away from the ocean,” Mandel said.

But if you drive through Long Beach now, it looks almost normal, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.

The iconic 2.2-mile boardwalk is back and better than ever and most houses have been repaired or rebuilt.

Maybe you do the same thing when you look back on the past year of your life.   Whether you were in the path of Sandy or you had storm of your own last year,  instead of looking back on saying, "wow that was really bad!"

Maybe look back at how far you’ve come.  How God has helped you.  How maybe you too are rebuilt and better than ever.  

I got a call from Denise today. She is from New York, and right before the storm hit, she was considering divorce.  



If you’re in a stormy time of life right now, I want you to know that there is hope. A year from now, life will be different, and maybe you too can be rebuilt and better than ever, if you let God in to do the construction.